Joe Lichtenberg

Joe Lichtenberg is responsible for product and industry marketing for data platform software at InterSystems. Joe has decades of experience working with various data management, analytics, and cloud computing technology providers.

The Bassline for Digital Transformation: InterSystems IRIS 2020.1

Outside the office, I play bass guitar. There’s something to a great bassline – it’s the foundation of so many...

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The Need for Speed

In today’s business world, the need for speed is pervasive. Customers expect instant access, real-time visibility, personalized point-of-sale interactions, same...

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Not all Multi-Model DBMS Are Created Equal

Many modern applications today require database management capabilities that don’t fit nicely into one single bucket. For example, when I...

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Driving Digital Transformation Success: It Starts with Data

The term “digital transformation” (DX) has been part of the business and technology lexicon for roughly a decade now. DX...

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Experts Unbox InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

The simpler a solution is, the less opportunity there is for failure. And our message of power and simplicity is...

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Slow Data Kills Business

Recently, the research firm IDC surveyed more than 500 enterprises worldwide to understand their most important business challenges and initiatives...

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