Amir Samary

Amir Samary has been working with databases, interoperability, and InterSystems technology for over 20 years. Amir has dedicated himself to supporting partners, customers, and developers who build solutions using InterSystems technology for various industries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and the United States. This has allowed Amir to understand and experiment with patterns and architectures in different realities of technology, culture, and infrastructure. Amir Samary is currently working as Manager, Solution Architecture, and he is leading a group of solution developers at InterSystems. He has a major in Computer Science, and a minor in Mathematics.

InterSystems Extends its Open Source Speed Test to Oracle, AWS, and SAP Databases

If you’re a regular reader of our Data Excellence blog, you may remember that last summer we introduced the InterSystems...

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Insight into the New InterSystems Speed Test

I often find myself having conversations with customers and prospects about their frustrations when it comes to accessing data. The...

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