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Completing InterSystems Recertification Projects

Completing an InterSystems recertification project is one of two options a certification candidate can choose to get recertified (the other option is to take the new version of the exam). Recertification projects contain a set of performance-based exercises for a candidate to complete in a virtual environment (VM). InterSystems Certification will provide access to the VM once the candidate has been approved to complete a project. The objective of a recertification project is for a candidate to validate that they still possess the core skills that are expected of a certified individual in a given technology. Recertification projects are open-book, open-internet, etc. The only resource that is not allowed is consulting with another human. A recertification project is expected to take 3-4 hours total to complete.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are only eligible to complete a recertification project if the expiration date of their certification is within 6 months of today’s date. Please see the InterSystems Recertification Policy for more information regarding eligibility.

Preparing for the Project

Candidates should carefully read the project details of the associated recertification project to understand the scope of the project.

Buying the Project

Candidates can buy project attempts in the recertification project store by adding it to their carts and checking out to complete the purchase. Major credit cards or an issued InterSystems Certification voucher can be used as payment. Once purchased, the project will appear under “My Assessments”.

  • Important - Candidates should not purchase the recertification project unless they meet the eligibility requirements stated above. Candidates that purchase the project and do not meet the eligibility requirements will not be permitted to complete the project, and will be awarded a full refund.

All InterSystems recertification projects cost $150 (USD). A $75 voucher code will be provided for the first two recertification attempts.

Scheduling the Project

Candidates can schedule the project by launching the project assessment and filling out the requested information. Candidates will be asked to provide a one-week time frame in which they intend to complete the project. Once the candidate provides the requested information, InterSystems Certification will ensure the candidate is eligible to complete the project, and then the candidate will receive an email to confirm the project dates. If a candidate needs to reschedule or cancel the recertification project, a one-week advanced notice is required. Candidates needing to reschedule or cancel are required to email with a new recertification project time frame or notification of cancelation. Only projects that are canceled at least one-week before the start date will receive a full refund.

After the Project

Project results can be viewed under “My Results” in the exam system. If the candidate passes the project, they will receive an email notification with a link to claim their badge. Clicking the link will start the badge creation process. Please see the Certification Badges page for more information. For an unsuccessful attempt, candidates may purchase the project a second time. Please note that candidates only receive the $75 voucher for the first two recertification attempts.

List of Available Projects