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How to Write with Accent


penWe chose to call our flagship product Caché because the name evokes both the advanced caching techniques that contribute to our database’s high performance, and the “cachet” gained by developers who use the very best database technology available.

But it has come to our attention that not everyone knows how to put the acute accent over the é in Caché.

Therefore, we are sending you this handy reference card to help you “write with an accent.”

To Create the Accented é in Caché:

If you are using an application that recognizes 8-bit ASCII codes (and almost all** of them do) you can get an accented é by holding the ALT key, and hitting 1-3-0 on your NUMERIC keypad. (Note: Some applications are fussy about having NumLock on.) But that can be a little tedious, so many applications provide shortcuts:

  • All Macintosh Applications:
    OPTION and e together, then e
  • Word for Windows:
    CTRL and APOSTROPHE together, then e
  • PowerPoint for Windows:
    Go to the Insert – Symbol menu, and choose é
  • The HTML code to create an é is:


If your application is not listed above, look in the Help files for “Creating foreign characters with an American keyboard.”

** Some email programs (notably UNIX mail) only know 7-bit ASCII codes, and cannot display an é. If you are posting to one of these programs, InterSystems suggests that you refer to our flagship product as CACHE’ (use capital letters and an apostrophe.)