High performance
multi-model database

High Availability

It’s a fact of life. Sometimes, outages happen. The cost of system downtime can range from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the type and length of outage and the type of system impacted. It is the goal of most organizations to provide maximum availability with minimum downtime, both planned (such as scheduled maintenance) and unplanned (such as software or hardware failure).

Caché is designed to recover gracefully from outages and offers a variety of failover and other options to reduce or eliminate the impact on users.

High availability strategies

Providing high availability(HA) is a balancing act between hardware costs, time of recovery from system outages, and how many transactions might be “lost” due to an outage. Caché includes capabilities like mirroring and clustering that allow system architects to design whatever system best fits the needs and resources of their organization.


Using failover clustered hardware, data servers share access to the same disks, but only one is actively running Caché at one time.

Developing a breakthrough application is just the beginning. You have to deploy it in an environment that will deliver the necessary levels of performance, scalability, and availability. You must configure, provision, and manage your application. And you must roll-out upgrades as they occur.

Caché includes an easy-to-use Web-based system management portal, and many other features designed to help you swiftly, reliably, and securely deploy and maintain your breakthrough applications.