High performance
multi-model database

Developing Applications

Openness and flexibility are the hallmarks of Caché’s application development features. Caché provides a powerful easy-to-use IDE for the rapid development of mobile and web applications, but with support for a variety of programming languages, it also gives you the option of using your favorite development tool.

Scripting languages

Caché ObjectScript is a powerful and easy-to-learn object-oriented language for writing routines and object methods. It is one of three completely interoperable scripting languages that run on the Caché Virtual Machine. The others are: Caché Basic, and MVBasic. Because they enable direct manipulation of Caché’s multidimensional data structures, these languages are frequently used when performance is of the utmost importance.

Client-side programming languages

Caché’s scripting languages may also be used for client-side programming, of course, but Caché provides other options as well. Through its object technology, Caché supports a number of popular programming languages, enabling you to work with your favorite technologies and tools. For Java and C++, Caché eXTreme technology provides a “light binding” that allows objects to be directly (and very quickly) inserted into Caché’s multidimensional database.

XML and Web services

In today’s connected world, XML and Web services are commonly used to share data and functionality between applications. Caché makes it easy for you to export data as XML, parse and store data from incoming XML files, or turn any Caché class into a Web service. Caché also supports several standards for securing Web services.

Web and mobile development

Web interfaces for applications are the norm these days, and many applications are either being adapted to run on mobile devices or are designed for such devices from the start.

InterSystems Zen technology enables you to easily build rich Web interfaces for new and legacy application.

An extension of Zen technology – Zen Mojo – greatly simplifies the creation of data-rich mobile and desktop applications. You can use Web services, REST, JSON, and other standards, along with the development tool of your choice, to build mobile applications that leverage the amazing speed and scalability of Caché.

Securing applications

Caché is certified for Common Criteria EAL 3. In addition to being a secure environment itself, Caché makes it easy to build security features into your breakthrough applications. It provides capabilities such as authentication, authorization, auditing, and database encryption while minimizing the burden on application performance.