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HealthShare Personal Community
HealthShare Personal Community

Unlike electronic medical record (EMR)-specific patient portals, InterSystems HealthShare Personal Community is central to a community-wide patient engagement strategy. For its data source, Personal Community relies on InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record to aggregate information from multiple EMRs, wearables, claims, and other sources into a single, unified care record. This is the same care record used by clinicians, but with a user interface designed for patients.

Regardless of how many data sources you have, patients and their designees can access their health information securely with a single, simple user interface on their device of choice. Use cases for Personal Community include:

  • Meeting patient expectations for consumer-level access to health information
  • Engaging patients in their own or a family member’s care to improve patient satisfaction and awareness
  • Achieving and demonstrating relevant Meaningful Use criteria
  • Unifying multiple patient portals into one for a better patient experience (after a merger or acquisition, for example, or when patients are seen by several non-networked providers)
  • Improving workflow for staff via patient self-service options
  • Empowering patients and families with all the information they need for better care decisions and outcomes

The Value of Engagement

Research shows that engaged and activated patients have higher levels of satisfaction and use fewer resources. Patients who understand their conditions and treatment options make better healthcare decisions and patient record review leads to safer care and improved record quality. Patients and their designees can use any web browser, on any device, to:

  • Review, download, and manage care records
  • Upload data from home or personal medical devices
  • Schedule appointments
  • Complete forms for the care team
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Learn about conditions and adopting healthier behaviors
  • Securely interact with care providers
  • Link to external systems to view and pay bills
  • Access 3rd party SMART on FHIR apps once logged in

Redefining the Patient Portal to Transform Healthcare in Your Community

Shifting business models, industry consolidation, and constrained resources make a fully engaged patient population essential. Personal Community offers patients and their designees an engaging user interface with a real-time view of all the information available across any number of data providers. The look-and-feel is configurable to support your branding and market identity. You determine what data to present to patients and in what format. You select the appropriate enrollment model for your organization.

Key Features

Personal Community is easy to configure, manage, and secure, and includes features that help to engage patients and make care delivery more efficient.

User Interface
A simple user interface enhances usability on any device. This UI accesses the same unified record used by the care team. Patients and their designees can easily view, download, and print care records.

Management Workbench
A workbench, overview dashboard, and robust reporting simplify Personal Community management, including enrollment tracking, designee assignment, adoption metrics, and customization.

Patient-Contributed Information
The Personal Community My Forms section gives users a single location for form access, completion, and tracking. Data from completed forms and uploaded documents, such as advance directives, can be included in the patient’s unified care record for use by care team members and in analytics.

Data from home devices such as pulsometers, scales, and blood oxygen readers can also flow into the unified care record.

Alerts and Notifications
Personal Community delivers alerts and notifications to the patient’s inbox, or to patients and their designees directly, based on data and analytics in the unified care record. With multiple systems tied into Personal Community, it becomes a single source for alerts and other notifications, helping to reduce the burden and hazards of information overload.

Language Support
Personal Community provides out-of-the-box interface localization and communication in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The product supports customer translations into most other languages, as well.

Flexible, positive identification during setup makes enrollment more secure for patients and their designees. Enrollment may be handled at the point of care, initiated by a patient, or via an external application such as a registration system. Patients can assign family members or others on their care team as designees who can view their records.

Personal Community does not store data on the patient’s device unless a file is downloaded by the patient.

Centralized User Access
Personal Community enables you to deliver a centralized sign-in experience for your patients across applications. You can choose to use Personal Community as the patient identity provider, allowing use of credentials generated by Personal Community to sign in to your other approved and trusted applications. Or, you can enable use of your existing authentication system credentials for enrollment and sign-in with Personal Community.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Personal Community APIs enable trusted external systems (such as an EMR) to interact with it while the user of the EMR or other application continues in their existing workflow. Functions available through APIs include:

  • Enrolling patients
  • Managing accounts
  • Establishing proxy relationships
  • Delivering secure messages
  • Sending important notifications

Personalized Education Content
Adopters of Personal Community can add local news and events, links to community resources, and relevant patient education materials to the portal, creating a trusted information environment that enhances patient and community relationships with your organization.

More than a Service

Learn more about Personal Community and all of the products within the HealthShare suite at Community is part of the HealthShare suite of connected health solutions and can be delivered as a managed service. Combine Personal Community with HealthShare Unified Care Record, HealthShare Health Insight, HealthShare Patient Index, HealthShare Provider Directory, or HealthShare Care Community to advance your digital transformation strategy.

Customer Support and Education

When you select Personal Community, you get more than technology. You also get our acclaimed customer support and extensive educational opportunities. Search for Personal Community education resources at Learn more about Personal Community and all of the products within the HealthShare suite at

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