InterSystems Global Summit 2017

A New Experience for Solution Developers

September 30 - October 3, 2018

The applications you build improve healthcare, enable business, and empower governments.

Our software helps make that happen. If you are a developer, application architect, systems integrator, or technical manager, attend the Solution Developers Conference to learn about all the exciting and important things that you can do with our technology. The jumping-off point for technical sessions will be specific uses cases – problems or tasks that are important to you and your peers.

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Why You Should Attend

Is your boss asking why you need to go to Global Summit 2018? See the top reasons you should attend the Solution Developers Conference.


Get a look at the sessions for the Solution Developers Conference.

Experience Lab

New! Bring your laptop to the Experience Lab for immersive, hands-on interaction with the newest of our new and soon-to-exist technology. Gain practical experience of using our technology to complete a particular task – and take your work home with you!

HealthShare User Group

HealthShare users can join us for the 6th annual meeting of the HealthShare User Group.

The Unconference

At an unconference, attendees set the agenda and run the discussions. No presentations. Just peers talking about subjects of mutual interest.

Post-Summit Symposium
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We’re pulling together panels of experts from InterSystems and from the front lines of the AI industry to discuss the current and future state-of-the-art for AI solutions. Come listen, discuss, and share!