InterSystems Experiences

Experiences provide a flexible, user-centric learning model that you control. You’ll go from learning with interactive online courses, to playing with InterSystems products and technologies as you solve interactive challenges, to building your own solutions and talking with InterSystems about your company and challenges.

Available Experiences

InterSystems IRIS Experience

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ gives you everything you need to capture, share, understand, and act upon your organization’s most valuable asset — your data.

The InterSystems IRIS Experience lets you explore InterSystems IRIS Data Platform and learn how it can help you and your business build solutions that matter.

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InterSystems FHIR Experience

FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, is a new healthcare data standard that aims to solve some of the problems affecting previous standards, including HL7v2, HL7v3, and CDA.

InterSystems on FHIR provides information about the FHIR standard, as well as hands-on experience with the FHIR capabilities we have built into InterSystems HealthShare.

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