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Health Data Economy: Vehicles for Discovery - Infographic

Health Data

The Economist Health data economy: Vehicles for discovery

Today health-care data are mined to benefit knowledge discovery and make processes more efficient, but there is a need to overcome the technical, regulatory and investment roadblocks that stand in the way of making data a tangible public good.

The health-care continuum produces astronomical volumes of real-world data, but we can’t them if we can’t share them effectively. We have to overcome a global patchwork of mismatched consent and privacy rules. Even when these rules align, data—in many formats and systems—often do not. The need to overcome these barriers is urgent, since the potential benefit of initiatives like the UK’s 100,000 Genomes Project and “All of Us” in the US is so great.

This infographic was produced as a companion to the recent The Economist Events Webinar - "Health Data Economy: Vehicles for Discovery"