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Bad Data Costs Healthcare Organizations Millions

Sage Growth Partners

How much could a typical healthcare organization save by improving its data management?

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) across the U.S. are making investments in analytics a top priority. But if the underlying data are bad, how can the insights be good?

A new survey of 100 healthcare executives — conducted by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners and commissioned by InterSystems, a global leader in innovative data systems — found that leaders continue to face numerous challenges in collecting, normalizing, analyzing, and using data to make timely clinical and business decisions. Despite widespread adoption of electronic data, most executives say that they still lack data they can trust to drive good analytics and meet their strategic priorities. And over half of survey respondents say that these issues negatively impact their ability to make decisions, identify gaps in care, optimize the revenue cycle, and meet quality metrics.

Read the Sage Growth Partners whitepaper, “The Hidden Costs of Bad Healthcare Data”, to learn:

  • What factors are compounding the issue of bad data
  • What a smart healthcare data fabric is
  • How a typical health system with 2,000 beds could save over $42 million in just three years