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Learning Health Systems Creating Virtuous Circles of Care

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With so much real-world data available, how can pharmaceutical and healthcare delivery organizations achieve alignment to maximize its value? “Sponsors definitely recognize the value of real-world data, real-world evidence, and they're getting more comfortable working with health systems to find meaningful use cases using the health system data. The desire is there, the capability is there, and people are willing to generate evidence together and help each other on a global scale,” explains InterSystems Physician Executive Dr. Qi Li in this interview with healthcare and technology writer Jack Murtha. “A learning health system is a system that seeks to continuously generate and apply evidence innovation, quality, and value in health care, and the aim of the learning health system is to really enable that continuous, efficient, and rapid cycle of study feedback and then subsequent practice change,” concurs Matthew Stannard, InterSystems Life Sciences Advisor. “This concept of a virtuous circle that provides care, collects data, and then feeds those data back into the care process and continuously improves insights and outcomes is where we see the future headed.”

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