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InterSystems Recognized As Best in KLAS for Clinical Portal in Europe

For the tenth time, InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record® has been recognized for its ability in solving today’s critical healthcare data sharing challenges

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. April 27, 2023 – InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, today announced that InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record® has been recognized by KLAS Research in the 2023 Best in KLAS: Global Software. This marks a milestone achievement – since 2006, InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record has been honored by KLAS a total of ten times across several categories.

The need for high-quality, accurate healthcare data today cannot be overstated. According to the Sage Data Report by InterSystems, eighty percent of healthcare organization executives say that they don’t fully trust the clinical data they use to make key decisions.1 Normalizing, analyzing, and applying data from disparate sources is a monumental task for HCOs, but the result is reliable and trusted data that directly powers patient care. As a leading health information exchange, HealthShare Unified Care Record is built to solve these critical, decentralized data challenges by creating a shared, comprehensive, and unified care record.

“The 2023 Best in KLAS report highlights the top-performing healthcare IT solutions as determined by extensive evaluations and conversations with thousands of healthcare providers. These distinguished winners have demonstrated exceptional dedication to improving and innovating the industry, and their efforts are recognized through their inclusion in this report,” said Adam Gale, CEO of KLAS. “Congratulations to all the winning vendors for setting the bar for excellence in healthcare IT! KLAS continues to be committed to creating transparency and helping providers make informed decisions through our accurate, honest, and impartial reporting.”

“We are proud to provide our customers with a trusted solution that solves today’s most pressing data sharing challenges, improves workflows across the care continuum, and ultimately delivers positive patient outcomes,” said Don Woodlock, Head of Global Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems. “This continued recognition by KLAS for the tenth time demonstrates InterSystems ability to deploy interoperability solutions, such as HealthShare Unified Care Record, that unite providers, clinicians, and patients at healthcare organizations nationwide under a common plan of care.”

Single source of data for powering analytics

HealthShare Unified Care Record creates a unified, community-wide health record as the foundation for coordinated, value-based care and population health management. HealthShare data is aggregated, normalized, and deduplicated, enabling all data, regardless of source, to be stored in a single, consistent format to power analytics applications. With HealthShare, providers now obtain a patient’s entire medical history from a single location instead of sifting through multiple records to find the relevant data. This ability to aggregate and normalize patient data provides clinicians with a complete, real-time view of the patient, and enables them to remain focused on what matters most - high-quality patient care.

Continued recognition in Best in KLAS awards

As a Best in KLAS award winner, InterSystems has continued to demonstrate its commitment and partnership to the healthcare industry as a whole. In addition to HealthShare Unified Care Record being recognized for ten times across global regions, InterSystems TrakCare®, a unified healthcare information system, has been recognized six times since 2014.

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