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Bloggar: PULSE och Data Excellence


juli 11, 2024
Eleven common questions and answers
Today more than ever before, organizations are striving to gain a competitive edge, deliver more value to customers, reduce risk, and respond more quickly to the needs of the business. To achieve these goals, organizations need easy access to a single view of accurate, consistent, and trusted data – and all in real time. However, growing volumes and complexities of data make this difficult to achieve in practice. As data grows, so does the prevalence of data silos, making integrating and leveraging data from internal and external data sources a challenge.
juli 08, 2024
SupplyChainBrain Webinar
Increasing operational costs, labor shortages, and geopolitical tensions are keenly felt by supply chain organizations and highlight the importance of fast, informed decision-making.
juni 28, 2024
Bloor InPerspective Brief
In today’s global marketplace, supply chain management plays a pivotal role in the success of businesses across various industries and, with the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of supply chain networks, the demand for efficient and effective solutions continues to rise.
juni 21, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
Don Woodlock reviews the current state of healthcare, the challenges it faces, and the potential strategies and innovations that could be used to improve it.
juni 20, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
John Paladino discusses the process and results of a customer impact survey and talks about the InterSystems passion for software and the importance of partnerships with customers.
juni 20, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
At InterSystems we value innovation and its importance in various sectors, particularly in the health sector. In this session, we share perspectives on innovation, its definition, and the process of taking ideas from inception to impact. In addition, we also look at techniques for fostering innovation, such as tournaments, speed brainstorming, innovation loops along with the importance of ecosystem collaboration and recognition for innovation.
juni 20, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
Tobias Zwingmann, Business AI Advisor and Author, focuses on understanding the potential and limitations of AI, especially in the context of business growth and innovation. He shares a six-step process to successfully implement AI in an organization and warned against common pitfalls. The session also includes a brief crash course on AI and its various applications.
juni 20, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
Paul Grabscheid speaks to the impact of AI on solution developers while providing advice on navigating this transition. Paul shares insights from customer experiences, reflections on past practices, and discussions on ethics and partnerships in the era of AI.
juni 20, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
In this keynote presentation, Don Woodlock discusses improving healthcare systems. Don reviews the problems healthcare systems face, including staff retention, antiquated systems, and the inability to extract and analyze data. Don also presents demos of new technologies being developed to address these issues and improve the healthcare experience for patients, healthcare providers, and administrators.
juni 20, 2024
Global Summit 2024 Keynote
Augustine Amusu, the CIO of Mediclinic Middle East, shares his experiences and insights about the healthcare system and digital adoption in the UAE. He discusses the transformation of healthcare, the implementation of electronic health records, the use of AI and machine learning in healthcare, and the importance of accessibility in healthcare services.
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