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Etsi tietoja InterSystemsin tuotteista ja ratkaisuista, uramahdollisuuksista ja muusta. Tuloksia ovat lisäksi kehittäjäyhteisömme sisältö, tuotedokumentaatio ja koulutussivustot.
Supply Chain & Logistics

Enabling More Resilient, Flexible, and Transparent Supply Chains

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Software for Optimizing Supply Chains
InterSystems IRIS® is a next generation data platform that integrates and complements your existing supply chain applications and IT infrastructure to provide real-time, intelligent, actionable insights into supply chain disruptions and accelerate time to value.
  • Create streamlined end-to-end processes that eliminate operational gaps – faster and with greater flexibility
  • Incorporate machine learning and advanced analytics for real-time and intelligent decision making and business outcomes
  • Leverage our smart data fabric architecture
    From Cost Center to Competitive Advantage: Supply Chain Resilience Through Digital Transformation - IDC report
    Implement real-time, intelligent, architectures that drive actionable insights throughout the supply chain. InterSystems IRIS provides:
    Highly accurate intelligent actionable insights to improve “time to decision”
    Your actionable ultimate control tower from first mile to last mile
    Connected smart AI/ML driven data for optimized demand sensing and forecasting
    Digital Transformation to achieve fastest time to value

    Software for Supply Chain Data Management Key Benefits

    Simplifies Development: InterSystems IRIS is a complete data platform providing comprehensive integration, database management, and analytics capabilities to speed and simplify a wide variety of critical supply chain initiatives, with simpler architectures and faster time to value.
    Complements Existing Infrastructure: Integrates and connects existing applications and data silos without rip-and-replace.
    Enables Agility: Delivers flexible and customizable applications that adapt to changes in networks and process flows.
    Delivers Fast ROI: Results in rapid development, lower total cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance effort.
    Flexible Deployment Options: Support on-premises, cloud-agnostic, hybrid, and multi-cloud development environments.
    Sophisticated organizations across many industries are leveraging smart data fabrics to power a wide variety of mission-critical initiatives, including in:

    Supply Chain – Real time supply chain visibility to provide supply chain business leaders with on demand accurate information spanning the extended supply through demand ecosystem

    Manufacturing – Supporting IT/OT convergence, Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing initiatives
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    Supply Chain Insights


    Managing disruptions and constraints across the entire enterprise and global eco-system, accelerating time-to-value
    Transform Factories into Smart Factories
    Exceed customer expectations and improve the bottom line
    Respond faster with real-time, accurate data for actionable insights needed to drive a resilient, agile and intelligent On-Time In-Full (OTIF) supply chain.

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