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Etsi tietoja InterSystemsin tuotteista ja ratkaisuista, uramahdollisuuksista ja muusta.

InterSystems IRIS Development & Deployment

Build and deploy high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications

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Work the Way You Want

Developers work best and achieve results faster when they use tools and technologies that are familiar to them. InterSystems IRIS is designed to work with Java and other popular development technologies in an open, standards-based fashion.

Client-Side Development with InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems IRIS can be used with many popular development technologies including Java, .NET, Python, Node.JS, REST, JSON, C++, JavaScript, XML, and more.


Java is arguably the world’s most widely used language.

InterSystems IRIS can interact with Java in several ways:


Our support for the fastest growing language continues to expand.

  • PyODBC – great for ad hoc SQL queries
  • Python Native API – directly access the native data structures for ultimate flexibility and performance
  • Python Gateway – run your Python apps close to the database with minimal refactoring


REST provides fast, lightweight communication for Web services. It is commonly used (usually with a JSON payload) for the development of mobile and Web applications. InterSystems IRIS makes it easy to expose data and functionality as services, and it has a REST API that makes it simple to use REST.

Other Development Technologies

Other development technologies can use InterSystems IRIS either through ODBC or by accessing language-specific object libraries that we provide.

Server-Side Development with InterSystems IRIS

ObjectScript is a powerful object-oriented programming language that provides access to the database kernel within InterSystems IRIS. Object methods can directly access InterSystems IRIS multidimensional arrays, or it can use SQL.

InterSystems IRIS objects can be exposed (through built-in libraries) to Java, .NET, C++, JavaScript, and many other languages.

Deployment Options

Business Needs Should Drive Deployment Decisions

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Your decision about how to deploy your solutions should be based on business considerations – not technology constraints. Whether you want to install applications at user sites, host your applications in a public or private cloud, provide software-as-a-service, multi-cloud or in a hybrid on premises / cloud architecture, we are committed to making the task as simple as possible.

InterSystems IRIS is compatible with open source and commercial tools as well as our own to enable the freedom to choose your deployment model(s) and cloud vendors. Our tools include:

InterSystems Kubernetes Operator

InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (IKO) packages IRIS-specific knowledge and best practices into an easy-to-use, automated tool

InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health

InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health are available on a per-vCPU-hour basis. More resources and pricing are published in the major cloud marketplaces, including:

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML services

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML are software-as-a-service offerings delivered by InterSystems for building applications on a robust, high-performance relational database service with embedded machine learning.

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and the IRIS Cloud IntegratedML add-on are foundational services in the InterSystems cloud portfolio and complement a number of successful and existing software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings for the healthcare market. These foundational services are building blocks for a composability approach to implement solutions that are easy to provision, scale, and operate in today’s fast-moving technology landscape.

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL

InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL is a cloud managed services offering that makes it easy for application developers to leverage proven enterprise-class relational database capabilities in a high performance cloud-native database-as-a-service (DBaaS).  

Targeting SQL database developers, InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL delivers the following features and benefits:

  • Extremely high database performance, especially for ingesting and processing incoming data and performing SQL queries on the data with low latency at scale.
  • Fast and easy to provision and use.
  • Ability to seamlessly import DDL, schema, and data.
  • Ability to easily connect client applications via JDBC, ODBC, DB-API, and ADO.NET drivers.
  • Security, data encryption, and backups are all part of the functionality.
  • Can be provisioned in small, medium, large, and extra-large configurations, and scale elastically to adapt to changes in the business.

InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML

InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML is a managed cloud service that extends the capabilities of InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL to enable SQL developers to build, tune, and execute machine learning models with just a few SQL–like commands, without moving or copying data to a different environment.  It also enables skilled data scientists to become more productive and focus on higher-value tasks by automating much of the tedious work involved in feature engineering and modeling required to develop and deploy sophisticated analytics applications that respond to real-time events and transactions.
These InterSystems IRIS managed cloud services provide an easy and seamless on-ramp to the full suite of capabilities in InterSystems IRIS data platform, our next-generation enterprise-class data platform that provides powerful database management, integration, analytics, application development, and API management capabilities in a single product that speeds time to value, simplifies architectures, and lowers total cost of ownership. Learn more about InterSystems IRIS data platform.

Please contact for additional pricing options.

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