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Etsi tietoja InterSystemsin tuotteista ja ratkaisuista, uramahdollisuuksista ja muusta.

InterSystems FHIR Server

For Faster Healthcare App Development

The InterSystems FHIR® Server helps you create healthcare applications that consume and create FHIR® resources, such as discrete data from an EMR, without having to build the FHIR infrastructure yourself. Whether you’re creating mobile apps for patients or innovations for clinicians, you can bring them to market faster using our FHIR Server, with absolute confidence in the availability, speed, and reliability of your data store.

InterSystems FHIR Server is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade FHIR server providing an easy to use, secure, and scalable repository for storing and sharing healthcare data. It’s built on InterSystems IRIS for Health, the leader in high performance, scalability, and reliability. With minimum configuration steps, your FHIR server will be ready to use in minutes, leaving security, backups, and management to InterSystems.

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Smart Data Services

InterSystems IRIS FHIR Server is one of a series of Smart Data Services from InterSystems. Using Smart Data Services you can access the full power of our database, interoperability, and analytics technology as smaller, flexible, cloud centric, managed services. Available from major public cloud marketplaces, you can easily access, configure, and orchestrate them to meet your specific requirements.

InterSystems IRIS FHIR Server Features

  • Support for the latest HL7® FHIR® version, including the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI), and the UK Core
  • Open API-based definitions for all FHIR resources, making it easy for you to query and test your FHIR server
  • A developer portal for understanding and testing FHIR APIs, using a Swagger-UI front-end, and easy access to all FHIR search parameters and documentation
  • Full lifecycle FHIR API management
  • Multiple methods of authentication, including an API Key and several Identity Providers (iDPs) using OpenID Connect
  • Built-in support for OAuth 2.0 using the Cognito authorization server, including intuitive methods to select custom FHIR scopes
  • Support for multiple external OAuth 2.0 servers (OKTA, Ping, Google Identity, Azure AD)
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to easily upload test data
  • Logging of important FHIR request data
  • Exceptional high availability

Certified Security Supporting HIPAA and GDPR

InterSystems FHIR Server is built on AWS’ ISO 27001:2013 and HITRUST certified infrastructure to support HIPAA* and GDPR** and is managed by InterSystems Managed Services through processes developed using the HITRUST Common Security Framework.

Rapid Implementation, High Performance, High Availability

InterSystems FHIR Server provides a highly horizontal elasticity using InterSystems Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP), which allows up to 128 parallel servers. With the Horizontal Scalability on, you can serve more than 500,000+ requests per minute. In addition, you can select a high-availability option for mission-critical services and applications using mirroring and fast failover.

Unleash the Data

The InterSystems FHIR Server enables you to quickly connect with any data source that supports FHIR. It’s simple to store and use data from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), electronic health records, research databases, and other sources. If you require a robust enterprise-grade server, InterSystems FHIR Server provides the tools to unleash your data.

Additional Information

Learn more about the InterSystems FHIR Server and our support for FHIR and other healthcare data interchange standards.

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*Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
**General Data Protection Regulation

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