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Smart Data Fabrics

Accelerating Enterprise Data Fabric Initiatives

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Unlocking the True Potential of Data with Smart Data Fabrics

Today, businesses are demanding more from the growing volume and complexity of data they have available – to gain increased efficiency, manage risk, and deliver new high value services to their customers.

But for many organizations, the prevalence of data and application silos makes it difficult to gain full value from the data assets that are locked away in the organization.

All these organizations are striving to provide a consistent, accurate, real-time view of their enterprise data assets to make better decisions. To improve their customers’ experiences. To move their businesses forward.

This is where smart data fabrics can help.

What Are Smart Data Fabrics?

An enterprise data fabric is a new architectural approach that speeds and simplifies access to data assets across the entire business. It accesses, transforms, and harmonizes data from multiple sources, on demand, to make it usable and actionable for a wide variety of business applications.

In fact, in a recent analyst report, Gartner1 states that the enterprise data fabric “is the future of data management.”

Smart data fabrics take this approach one step further by embedding a wide range of analytics capabilities, including data exploration, business intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning directly within the fabric, making it faster and easier for organizations to gain new insights and power intelligent predictive and prescriptive services and applications.

By allowing existing legacy applications and data to remain in place, smart data fabrics enable organizations to maximize the value from their previous technology investments, including existing data lakes and data warehouses, without having to “rip-and-replace” any of their existing technology.

Putting Smart Data Fabrics To Use

Smart data fabrics are being used in production today across many industries to power a wide variety of enterprise-level, mission-critical initiatives, including:

  • Scenario planning and decision support
  • Enterprise risk and liquidity management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business management reporting
  • Wealth management
  • Real-time visibility and alerting

[1] Gartner, Emerging Technologies: Data Fabric Is the Future of Data Management. 4 December 2020 – ID G00733652 



Smart Data Fabrics in Financial Services

Financial Institutions use smart data fabrics to better leverage enterprise-wide data for advanced insight.
Mar 28, 2022
Broadridge Financial Solutions
The Challenge Broadridge Financial Solutions, a $5-billion global fintech leader handling $7TN of fixed income and equities securities trades per day, needed a better way to manage and distribute growing volumes of data.
May 04, 2021
Financial Institutions embrace Smart Data Fabric approaches to better leverage enterprise-wide data for advanced insight capabilities Executive Summary
May 17, 2021
American Banker fireside chat
Advanced analytics and AI depend on access to data. Unfortunately, that “access” is precisely the problem at many financial institutions. Years of mergers and business expansion have siloed data across platforms that don’t connect. Celent, the research division of Oliver Wyman, recently engaged with leading financial institutions to better understand the need for on-demand data access and the initiatives underway to address these priorities.
Sep 17, 2020
Firebrand Research
Financial institutions are facing challenges in an environment in which the meaning of business as usual has fundamentally changed.
Feb 26, 2021
FIMA & WBR insights
The 2021 Chief Data Officer (CDO) Study

Smart Data Fabrics in Supply Chain

Supply Chain organizations use smart data fabrics for end-to-end visibility, prescriptive insights, and intelligent decision-making,
all under one data platform.
Jul 06, 2022
Smart Data Fabric
As enterprise data grows in volume and complexity, solutions have evolved to provide you with real-time supply chain orchestration Learn how a smart data fabric can enable end-to-end visibility, data driven insights, end-to-end predictive and prescriptive orchestration, and ultimately, end-to-end aligned decision making within your supply chain business
Jul 11, 2022
Smart Data Fabric
Smart data fabrics make it faster and easier for supply chain organizations to gain new insights and power intelligent predictive and prescriptive systems, services, and applications.

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