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Etsi tietoja InterSystemsin tuotteista ja ratkaisuista, uramahdollisuuksista ja muusta. Tuloksia ovat lisäksi kehittäjäyhteisömme sisältö, tuotedokumentaatio ja koulutussivustot.

InterSystems HealthShare CMS Solution Pack

HealthShare CMS Solution Pack
A Robust Solution to the Interoperability and Patient Access Challenges of CMS Rule 9115
The InterSystems HealthShare CMS Solution Pack™ provides a simplified way to meet the final rule requirements for payers and providers, supporting the rule’s use cases for 2021 and 2022:

For Payers

  • Patient Access APIs – Giving patients access to their own claims, clinical, and pharmacy benefit information (2021)
  • Provider Directory API – Online provider and pharmacy directory access (2021)
  • Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange (2022)

For Providers

  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Event Notifications

Use cases for CMS Solutions Pack include:

  • Patient access APIs
  • Claims data mapping
  • Clinical data mapping
  • Pharmacy benefit data
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Identity management
  • Member consent management
  • Event notifications
  • Provider directory APIs


CMS Solution Pack also provides a path to address broader use cases using our full InterSystems HealthShare product suite. For payers, InterSystems HealthShare provides the data and analytics required to support use cases such as HEDIS reporting and Risk Adjustment. For providers, use cases include value-based care, population management, and COVID-19 dashboards.

CMS Solutions Pack currently is available for use by customers in the United States only.

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