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Healthcare Analytics

Better Decisions with Actionable Analytics and Insights

A Mission that Demands Answers
When you combine an $8.45 trillion USD global healthcare industry with data growth that exceeds other industries by 60% and a life-or-death mission, the result is an enormous need for healthcare analytics.

Delivering the Insights and Answers You Need

Analytics means different things to different audiences, with different deliverables for each

Clinicians – Delivering the information that matters most for treating each patient during an encounter.

Clinical researchers – Powering knowledge discovery through the exploration of real-world evidence at scale.

Integrated delivery network executives – Guiding operations with up-to-the-minute management information.

Data scientists – Accessing abundant clean data for machine learning.

Medical device makers – Leveraging embedded intelligence to keep equipment working safely.

Public health officers – Visualizing trends for a population of interest.

Health IT software developers – Building applications with embedded intelligence driven by a robust health data pipeline.

Provider network managers – Being able to track and manage performance metrics in real time.

Analytics Everywhere

InterSystems puts analytics at the center of everything we build

We deliver composable services through our smart data fabric, so you can put analytics at the center of everything you build as well.

HealthShare Analytics Solution – end-to-end analytics infrastructure and right-time actionable insights

HealthShare Health Insight – the analytics companion to the HealthShare Unified Care Record

TrakCare and TrakCare Lab Enterprise – EMR and lab business management system with embedded dashboards and clinical decision support

IRIS for Health Adaptive Analytics – virtualized access to data for the entire healthcare enterprise

IRIS for Health Integrated ML – entry level machine learning using simple SQL commands

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Redesigned in partnership with community members and built on InterSystems HealthShare Personal Community, Baystate Health's patient portal strives to deliver a unique experience. 80% of patients engaged with the portal and predictive analytics empower all sides of Baystate Health’s clinicians.
Amcare leveraged the embedded analytics of the InterSystems data platform, together with a holistic view of administrative and clinical data to create real-time, actionable insights for the organization’s management team.
Healthix — the largest public health information exchange in the U.S. — uses InterSystems HealthShare® to gather and maintain a unified health record for more than 16 million individuals, share data with more than 600 healthcare organizations, connect more than 6,000 sites, and send more than 7 million Clinical Event Alerts per year to providers.
Baystate Health
Amcare - Women's and Children's Specialized Health
Fact Sheet
HealthShare Analytics Solution
A cohesive, unified application suite on a common platform significantly reduces complexity, maintenance requirements, and ongoing costs. With the HealthShare Analytics Solution, you can choose to implement some or all of it to enhance or replace existing analytics investments.

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Despite significant advancements made in healthcare IT over the past decade, hospitals and health systems continue to struggle with the collection, normalization, analysis, and application of data. This impairs their ability to provide reliable analytics, and make informed, timely clinical and business decisions. Sage Growth Partners (SGP) recently surveyed 100 healthcare executives and the results reveal the scope and impact of these issues across their organizations.
Regional health organizations to create real-time analytics repository supporting AI & machine learning, business intelligence, clinical intelligence and the 'Hospital of Things'
Pulse Blog
As we design the healthcare analytics architecture of the future, we need pursue a design that overcomes the limits of information silos, harmonizes all our information assets, and makes them just as accessible as our distributed data, without the blurred vision.
Global Head of Healthcare Market Strategy
Healthcare Analytics
Just like a drummer delivers power to the band, your data should also give power your decision-makers and caregivers. With Healthcare Analytics, you can drive and empower your entire healthcare organization to deliver better care and outcomes for the populations you serve through healthy, organized data.

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