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Certification Badges

Certification badges represent the highest level of achievement that you can earn at InterSystems. These digital credentials can be earned by passing an InterSystems certification examination or the required exams of an InterSystems certification path. All InterSystems certification badges are verifiable and ready to share online.

Available Certification Badges

Claiming a Badge

Certification badge - InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer Specialist

Once you have successfully passed an exam or certification path, you will receive an email notification with a link to accept your badge. This email also contains instructions how to create an account in the badging system. Learn more about accepting a badge in Credly.

Using Badges

InterSystems certification badges contain verifiable information such as:

  • Certification title
  • Candidate name
  • Award and expiration dates
  • Description and criteria

Badges can be used in different ways:

  • Add to your social media profiles
  • Embed in your web page
  • Add to your email signature
  • Add to a different badging system

Additional Ways to Earn Badges

Digital badges for other achievements represent completion of training or participation in an event, demonstrating a commitment to learning and knowledge-sharing. Please note that these badges are not considered certification. Find out more about other InterSystems badges.

Learn About InterSystems Badges