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The Post-Pandemic Transition with TrakCare Lab Enterprise: A Revolution in Clinical Pathology Services


The global health crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably shifted the spotlight onto the critical role of Clinical Pathology Services. Despite clinical services requiring lab results for 70% of their activities, these services have largely remained behind the scenes – often referred to as the "Path Lab". Through 2020 and 2021, InterSystems' customers faced unprecedented challenges, particularly in meeting the surging demand for testing.

Responding to a Surge in Demand: The TrakCare Solution

Laboratories worldwide found themselves grappling with a steep rise in testing needs, particularly for COVID-19 PCR tests. The challenge lay not just in meeting these rising volumes but also in maintaining efficiency across routine testing portfolios while ensuring reduced turnaround times. This scenario underscored the integral role of the TrakCare Lab Enterprise solution provided by InterSystems.

Visualisation and Specimen Logistics Demands: How TrakCare Responded

To cope with the escalating demand for specimen logistics and the visualization of pending work, laboratories required more from their management systems. In response, InterSystems enhanced TrakCare's functionality, enabling bulk transfer operations and bulk test processing across multiple sites. This adaptability was pivotal in allowing laboratories to effectively manage their burgeoning workload.

Advanced Automation and Rapid Response with TrakCare

With the onset of the pandemic and the resultant surge in test volumes, laboratories required swift and efficient solutions for implementing advanced automation. Recognizing this, TrakCare's new configuration capability offered each facility the agility required to rapidly increase their testing capacity.

Ensuring Rapid and Efficient Testing with TrakCare

As part of our unwavering commitment to support laboratories in delivering rapid and efficient testing, InterSystems has introduced several significant enhancements to the TrakCare Lab Enterprise solution.

Enhancing Testing Turnaround Times with TrakCare

To ensure faster turnaround times, TrakCare was augmented to direct abnormal results promptly to the right person for review. With computer-based authorisation and workflow optimisation, laboratories can reduce testing time significantly, making the entire process more efficient.

Boosting Genetic Testing and Point-of-Care Integration

The pandemic has underscored the increasing importance of genetic testing, particularly for understanding the SARS-CoV-2 virus and effective contact tracing. TrakCare Lab Enterprise, recognising this paradigm shift, has the capability to accommodate the evolution of testing within clinical service.

Further, TrakCare is addressing the shift towards Point-of-Care testing by supporting advanced integration and offering agility in implementing new testing methodologies. This adaptive feature underscores the future-forward vision of TrakCare Lab Enterprise.

Delivering Quick Benefits and Economies of Scale with TrakCare

The pandemic has necessitated rapid procurement and implementation of new solutions for laboratories. TrakCare Lab Enterprise, with its unified solution and single database operation, has enabled laboratories across multiple facilities to achieve early benefits.

A Unified Solution for an Integrated Approach

InterSystems has witnessed a significant global shift from standalone labs to multi-laboratory services. This approach aims at achieving economies of scale and higher levels of service efficiency. TrakCare Lab Enterprise, with its advanced analytics capability and efficient data flow management, supports such initiatives.

By providing clear visibility into resource utilization and offering new insights, TrakCare aids laboratories in adapting to the evolving needs of the global healthcare scenario.

TrakCare Lab Enterprise: Shaping the Future of Clinical Pathology Services

As we progress further into the post-pandemic world, Clinical Pathology Services are expected to continue evolving rapidly. TrakCare Lab Enterprise, with its comprehensive suite of advanced features, stands ready to support this evolution. From genetic testing to Point-of-Care testing, TrakCare's versatility and adaptability enable laboratories to stay ahead of the curve.

Driving Innovation in the Lab

Innovation is key in this ever-changing healthcare environment, and TrakCare Lab Enterprise is at the forefront of these advancements. Through the agile and efficient introduction of new platforms, our solution ensures that labs can remain responsive to changing demands and continue to deliver top-tier service. TrakCare’s adaptive 'Laboratory Protocol' functionality facilitates seamless integration of new testing methods, thereby fostering innovation in the lab.

Empowering Global Health with TrakCare Lab Enterprise

InterSystems’ TrakCare Lab Enterprise has played a pivotal role in enabling global health organisations to respond effectively to the pandemic's challenges. By enhancing efficiency, streamlining processes, and promoting economies of scale, TrakCare empowers these organizations to deliver unparalleled care and service.

The Future Looks Bright with TrakCare

Looking ahead, the role of TrakCare Lab Enterprise will become even more significant. As laboratories worldwide continue to navigate the changing landscape of healthcare, they can rely on TrakCare to deliver solutions that are not only effective and efficient but also future-proof.

We, at InterSystems, look forward to this future and are fully committed to supporting the healthcare community on this journey.

You can find out more about how the TrakCare Lab Enterprise product suite can revolutionize your laboratory operations by visiting our website.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the indispensable role of Clinical Pathology Services in the global healthcare system. During this challenging period, InterSystems’ TrakCare Lab Enterprise has proved invaluable in supporting laboratories to deliver high-quality, efficient, and rapid testing.

As we move into the post-pandemic era, TrakCare is well-positioned to continue facilitating the essential work of Clinical Pathology Services and shaping the future of global healthcare.

Find out more about the TrakCare Lab Enterprise product suite by clicking here.

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