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Give your digital health solutions the best chance to succeed

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InterSystems supports data-driven startups creating software for healthcare and other industries. Many of our customers, such as Epic Systems, have grown with us from their beginnings.

Others, including Jonda Health and Cognetivity Neurosciences, are using InterSystems to build their own success in healthcare.

Our technology powers many of the world’s most important applications, not just in healthcare, but in financial services, supply chain, and space exploration.

Which raises the question, why would you develop healthcare solutions with anyone else?

Achieve Your Vision

InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform, and the products built on it, form the most widely adopted data platform in digital health. Our programs for startups help you get the most out of that platform and its diverse features, so you can focus on your unique differentiators and minimize building capabilities you can acquire out of the box.

We know what it takes to succeed in digital health. Our startup programs can help you leverage our experience, technology, and connections.

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Interoperability: Plugging You into the Greater Health and Care Ecosystem
Our proven interoperability technology and expertise helps you reduce the time, cost, and complexity of integrating with EMRs and other clinical systems. It helps you expand your reach and simplifies partnering with other organisations, such as hospitals, clinics, and payers.
About InterSystems
  • Founded in 1978
  • Present in more than 80 Countries
  • European Space Agency GAIA project uses InterSystems technology in mapping over 1 billion stars in the Milky Way 
  • Processes more than 300,000 transactions per day for the world's largest container shipping company
  • Stock transactions at 11 of the top 20 global banks run through InterSystems technology
  • Highly rated by KLAS, Forrester, Gartner Peer Insights, Gartner Magic Quadrant, and IDC
  • Global support staffed 24/7, offering local language support


No company knows health data like InterSystems

1 Billion+
Health records worldwide managed using InterSystems technology, including 2 of 3 Americans
More than 2/3 of US patient records are managed on InterSystems technology
All 20 institutions in the U.S. News & World Report 2023 Honour Roll of Best Hospitals use InterSystems products

Success Stories

InterSystems works with digital health innovators who make a difference.

Bringing Your Digital Health Vision to Life

Apr 06, 2023
Startups in Healthcare
It’s not easy being a startup in healthcare. Several InterSystems partners have embraced the challenge with bold creativity and open eyes. In doing so, they've proven that innovation in healthcare is instrumental to delivering better outcomes both for their businesses and for patient care.
Oct 19, 2022
Four Key Takeaways
Innovators discuss how they use healthy data, actionable insights, and proven technology partnerships to achieve patient health and business goals. Here are four key takeaways.
Oct 05, 2023
InterSystems and Startups
InterSystems fuels this innovation with next-generation digital solutions that allow entrepreneurial organisations to explore and implement their visions turning the “what if” into “what is.”
Oct 05, 2023
InterSystems and Startups (non-US)
From concept through implementation, InterSystems provides customized, flexible solutions for enterprise digital transformation to help customers solve their most critical data challenges.

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