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InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML

A fully managed, cloud-native AutoML service that extends the capabilities of InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL

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Enhance productivity. Focus on higher value tasks
InterSystems IRIS® Cloud IntegratedML® is our AutoML service that automates much of the tedious work involved in feature engineering and model building to build and deploy machine learning (ML) models that respond to real-time events and transactions

Build, tune and deploy ML models

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With just a few SQL–like commands
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Without requiring expert data science skills
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Without moving or copying data to a different environment.

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Benefits for SQL Developers

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Experience increased efficiency, seamless integration and predictive insights with Cloud IntegratedML

Benefits for SQL Developers

Efficient streamlining of machine learning processes and resource-intensive tasks such as feature engineering, model development, and fine-tuning
Seamless Integration
Seamless integration of models developed and trained using Cloud IntegratedML within InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL, facilitating real-time predictive and prescriptive response to events and transactions
Predictive Insights and Prescriptive Actions
Predictive insights that forecast the probability of events and outcomes, and prescriptive programmatic actions respond to real time events in an optimised manner
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Our Technology

Cloud SQL and Cloud IntegratedML provide a seamless on-ramp to the full suite of capabilities in InterSystems IRIS data platform.

InterSystems IRIS is our next-generation enterprise-class data platform that speeds time to value, simplifies architectures, lowers total cost of ownership, and provides all of the following capabilities in a single product:

  • powerful database management
  • integration
  • analytics
  • application development
  • API management capabilities

Resources for Developers

Product Documentation
Learn how to define and execute predictive models directly from SQL without extensive machine learning expertise
Developer Hub
An overview of what developers need to know about developing with InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and Cloud IntegratedML
Dec 06, 2023
See how to build and run machine-learning models using InterSystems IRIS Cloud IntegratedML.

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