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Health Information System

What is HealthShare?

InterSystems HealthShare is a comprehensive health information system (HIS) and healthcare data platform that enables the sharing and exchange of healthcare data between different healthcare organisations and systems. Overall, InterSystems HealthShare aims to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by enabling healthcare organisations to share and exchange healthcare data in a secure and interoperable manner.

Solutions and Features of HealthShare

Comprehensive Health Information Sharing
HealthShare is renowned for its sophisticated health information sharing capabilities. It deploys HL7 and other interoperability technologies to securely exchange data among diverse healthcare providers. This function boosts the integration of distinct healthcare information systems, contributing to efficient and high-quality healthcare delivery.

Patient Index and Interoperability
Emphasising interoperability and integration, HealthShare provides a robust patient index that accurately matches and links patient records from different sources. It ensures healthcare providers have comprehensive and accurate patient information, supporting them in making informed clinical decisions.
Health Information System Modernisation
InterSystems HealthShare actively aids in the modernisation of existing health information systems (HIS), integrating seamlessly with legacy systems and allowing healthcare providers to update technology without massive disruption. By facilitating the transition to modern digital healthcare operations, HealthShare ensures that healthcare organisations can adapt to the evolving demands of the healthcare industry and improve the services they provide to their patients.
Cloud-based and Hybrid Deployment Care Coordination Tools
InterSystems HealthShare includes a suite of care coordination tools that are available for both cloud-based and hybrid deployment. These tools facilitate collaboration among healthcare providers, ensuring the delivery of more personalised and effective patient care.
Analytics and Reporting: Clinical Analytics
InterSystems HealthShare, as a leading healthcare data platform, incorporates advanced clinical analytics and reporting tools. This supports population health management and quality improvement initiatives. It enables healthcare providers to track health outcomes, analyze trends, and identify areas for improvement, thus facilitating evidence-based decision making.
Healthcare Interoperability and ICS
HealthShare utilises InterSystems' unique Interoperability and Integration Services (ICS) to improve healthcare interoperability. It supports seamless integration of various health information systems, promoting comprehensive health information management and superior patient care delivery.

HealthShare Stats

Integration engine data flows for over 60% of the NHS
Shared care record for more than 25% of the population
3 Billion
More than 3 billion health records worldwide
45 Years
Supporting healthcare data management, integration and app development
doctor having a conversation with his patient

Comprehensive Health Information System UK at InterSystems

InterSystems is a trailblasing provider of comprehensive health information systems in the UK. Its HealthShare platform is designed to enhance healthcare interoperability, provide a 360 view of patients' records, and improve health information management. The platform's versatility, coupled with cloud-based and hybrid deployment models, make it an ideal solution for a variety of healthcare settings.

Whether you're a hospital, health system, primary care network, or public health agency, HealthShare can be customised to meet your organisation's unique needs. It integrates seamlessly with a broad range of healthcare systems and applications, supporting efficient clinical patient management, analytics, and reporting. These features, combined with its commitment to healthcare interoperability, make HealthShare one of the leading healthcare data platforms in the UK.

Health Connect and Unified Care Record

Health Connect and Unified Care Record are both components of HealthShare that help healthcare organisations achieve interoperability and streamline care coordination. Health Connect provides the connectivity and data transformation capabilities to enable organisations to exchange data between different systems, while Unified Care Record provides a unified view of a patient's health record to enable clinicians to make informed decisions about patient care.


What is InterSystems HealthShare?

InterSystems HealthShare is a comprehensive healthcare data platform that enhances healthcare interoperability and provides a 360 view of patients' records. It includes a suite of features such as a health information sharing system, patient index, care coordination tools, and advanced clinical analytics and reporting.

How does HealthShare enhance healthcare interoperability?

HealthShare enhances healthcare interoperability by leveraging advanced interoperability technology, including HL7, to integrate various healthcare information systems. This comprehensive approach to health information management leads to improved care decisions and outcomes.

How does HealthShare support a 360 view of patients' records?

HealthShare supports a 360 view of patients' records by collecting, harmonising, and presenting data from various sources in a unified patient record. This ensures healthcare providers have complete and up-to-date patient information, leading to more efficient clinical patient management and better healthcare outcomes.

What are the deployment options for HealthShare?

HealthShare offers both cloud-based and hybrid deployment options, providing flexibility to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organisations. Its robust healthcare interoperability capabilities, alongside its efficient clinical patient management system, make HealthShare a versatile solution regardless of your healthcare environment's scale or complexity.

How does HealthShare utilise ICS for Healthcare Interoperability?

HealthShare utilises InterSystems' unique Interoperability and Integration Services (ICS) to streamline healthcare interoperability. ICS facilitates seamless integration among various health information systems, promoting comprehensive health information management and facilitating superior patient care delivery.

How does HealthShare's analytics and reporting features contribute to healthcare delivery?

HealthShare's advanced clinical analytics and reporting features play a critical role in population health management and quality improvement initiatives. They enable healthcare providers to track health outcomes, analyse trends, and identify areas for improvement, providing actionable insights that drive evidence-based decision making and enhance healthcare delivery.

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