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How InterSystems IRIS Data Platform Technology is Used

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Everyone at InterSystems has a passion for making customers successful. We have thousands of clients serving millions of users around the world. Everyone at InterSystems has a passion for making customers successful. We have thousands of clients serving millions of users around the world.

InterSystems IRIS® Data Platform is used in thousands of production implementations in virtually every industry in more than 80 countries around the world. Common use cases include:

Smart Data Fabric

InterSystems IRIS unique distributed architecture provides secure access to any enterprise data for use in real-time processes, analytics, and reporting, without requiring any additional infrastructure tiers, making it ideal for enterprise data fabric use cases.

Concurrent Transactions and Analytics

InterSystems IRIS is optimised for ingesting data while executing concurrent analytic workloads on the incoming data, at scale, with very high performance for both workload types, with high resource efficiency and low total cost of ownership.

Rapid Data Ingestion

Many use cases in manufacturing, IoT, utilities, smart cities, and financial services require the ability to ingest data at very high data rates over MQTT, Apache Kafka, FIX, and other protocols.

High Performance Distributed SQL

Our Data Platform is used in applications that require executing complex SQL queries on very large distributed data sets with high performance and reliability, and low TCO. InterSystems IRIS excels at executing unplanned, ad hoc queries on data that has not been co-sharded or aggregated.

Edge Database

The Platform’s lightweight footprint allows it to be deployed on the Edge or in “Fog” environments, for example to collect sensor data and push it to the cloud asynchronously. This is a common use case for IoT projects across many industries.

Interoperability with Real-Time Analytics

Our data platform is used for a variety of digital transformation use cases that bridge data and application silos and embed real-time data-driven analytics into processes that are exposed for internal and public access through full-lifecycle API management capabilities.

Gartner Research
Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice
InterSystems named as a North American Customers’ Choice in the June 2023 Gartner Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Cloud Database Management Systems

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Gartner Research
Gartner Peer Insights Reviews are completed by InterSystems customers Vendors placed in the upper-right quadrant of the segment quadrants are recognized through the Customers’ Choice Segment Distinction. InterSystems IRIS was highly rated by customers in the North American region. The data collected represents a top-level synthesis of vendor software products most valued by IT Enterprise professionals.
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Global Head of Product and Industry Marketing