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The Latest InterSystems TrakCare® Release Enhances Mobile Clinical Workflows and Interoperability

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the significance of robust Healthcare Information Systems has become increasingly vital. Leading the field in this critical domain is InterSystems, a global trailblazer, which has recently unveiled the newest rendition of their product, InterSystems TrakCare®. The latest update expands its mobile capabilities across all mobile-enabled clinical workflows, setting a new standard in the delivery of patient care.

TrakCare's Seamless Integration with InterSystems IRIS for Health

In a groundbreaking development, the updated version of InterSystems TrakCare® is now constructed on the InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform. IRIS for Health, a platform exclusively devised for the healthcare sector, substantially augments interoperability, scalability, and the capability to manage healthcare big data.

Enhanced Mobile Capabilities for Clinical Workflows

The latest version of TrakCare enhances the user experience wherever care is delivered. New mobile functionalities now include support for operating theater bookings and administration, maternity, and nursing care plans. These advances in mobile-enabled clinical workflows promise to transform how healthcare professionals provide care, empowering them with dynamic patient lists, a patient journey tracker, and additional graphing capabilities.

FHIR Standards and SMART on FHIR: TrakCare's Enhanced Interoperability in Healthcare

Data volumes in healthcare are expanding faster than in any other industry. The integration of TrakCare with IRIS for Health guarantees increased interoperability. As Christine Chapman, Vice President for TrakCare at InterSystems, noted, “In addition to traditional interoperability standards like HL7 and SDA, we can now operate through FHIR standards.” The ability to leverage FHIR standards and SMART on FHIR, along with other interoperability standards, greatly enhances TrakCare's capabilities in managing electronic medical record (EMR) data.

Harnessing Healthcare Big Data with InterSystems IRIS for Health

IRIS for Health is uniquely engineered for the healthcare sector, combining high-performance analytical and transaction processing with cloud scalability. Its ability to facilitate healthcare big data management makes it a perfect platform for TrakCare. Utilizing IRIS for Health, future releases of TrakCare will be able to better integrate, analyze, and leverage massive volumes of healthcare data, enabling more effective sharing and utilization of electronic medical record (EMR) data.

SMART on FHIR: Driving Innovation in TrakCare Experience

InterSystems stands ready to work with TrakCare customers looking to develop or implement solutions based on the SMART on FHIR standard. Recognizing the pivotal role of SMART on FHIR in fostering innovation, Dimitri Fane, Director of Product Management for TrakCare, highlights its importance in enhancing the TrakCare experience and fully utilizing EMR data.

Healthcare Cloud Scalability with IRIS for Health

As the need for data storage and processing capabilities continues to grow, InterSystems' TrakCare, backed by the power of IRIS for Health, offers healthcare providers the ability to easily scale and upgrade their systems. With features such as sharding, which allows the distribution of data across multiple cloud-based servers, IRIS for Health supports significantly increased capacities, providing flexible and cost-effective performance scaling.

Optimizing Healthcare Data Integration and Analysis

The decision to base TrakCare on the InterSystems IRIS for Health platform holds promising implications for the future of healthcare data integration and analysis. This choice facilitates greater integration, efficient analysis, and optimal utilization of new sources of healthcare data, regardless of volume.

Conclusion: Pioneering The Future of Healthcare Information Systems

All these enhancements make InterSystems TrakCare® a pivotal player in the healthcare IT arena. By combining the advanced capabilities of InterSystems IRIS for Health with the versatile functionality of TrakCare, healthcare providers can now enjoy enhanced scalability, improved interoperability, and streamlined mobile-enabled clinical workflows.

As healthcare data volumes continue to grow, the synergy between TrakCare and IRIS for Health is set to deliver more effective ways of utilizing EMR data and healthcare big data. With the added benefits of supporting FHIR standards and SMART on FHIR, TrakCare's new release is indeed paving the way for the future of healthcare information systems.

By continuing to innovate and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape, InterSystems affirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that improve patient care and operational efficiency. With InterSystems TrakCare® and InterSystems IRIS for Health at the forefront, the future of healthcare information systems looks promising indeed.

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