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A Case Study on North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust with InterSystems TrakCare

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Embracing Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Solutions

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, the need for robust and secure digital solutions is paramount. This is where the InterSystems TrakCareElectronic Patient Record (EPR) system steps in, an EPR solution designed to revolutionize the way healthcare providers manage patient information. In 2015, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust took a forward-thinking step to invest in TrakCare as their new EPR system.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, an integrated hospital and community services healthcare provider for approximately 400,000 people in Hartlepool, Stockton and parts of County Durham, recognized the potential of embracing this digital transformation. The Trust serves a substantial community and is committed to delivering exemplary patient care, underpinned by efficiency and safety.

The phase one launch of TrakCare in October 2015 marked the beginning of a significant digital transformation journey. The Trust quickly experienced the benefits of this shift, with TrakCare helping them manifest their digital health ambitions, leading to substantial clinical and efficiency improvements.

Evolving Patient Care with TrakCare's Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA)

InterSystems and the Trust have built a strong partnership since the initial procurement of TrakCare. This partnership led to a collaborative approach to expanding the system's usage, with the Trust's Digital Programme Team implementing additional modules of TrakCare across their operations.

The second phase of the program saw the introduction of TrakCare's Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) functionality. This innovative module was designed to replace traditional, paper-based systems with a comprehensive digital solution, paving the way for increased efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.

Addressing the Need for a Digital Solution in Prescription and Medication Administration

The Trust acknowledged the issues associated with paper-based systems. The paper Kardex, previously used for medication administration, often led to inefficiencies, errors, and delays due to illegibility or misplacement. The transition to TrakCare's ePMA module was initiated to address these challenges and streamline the administration and prescription process.

TrakCare's ePMA module allowed all medications to be prescribed and recorded electronically, making the information readily accessible to all those involved in patient care. This not only improved the efficiency of the prescription process but also enhanced the safety and quality of patient care, highlighting the digital transformation in healthcare enabled by TrakCare.

Superior Clinical Decision Support with FDB Multilex Integration

To bolster patient safety and quality in healthcare, the Trust integrated FDB Multilex, a renowned clinical decision support system, into TrakCare. The integration of FDB Multilex provided clinicians with an enhanced decision-support tool, offering in-depth medication information and alerts for potential drug interactions, duplicate therapy, drug-disease contraindications, doses, and allergies.

The use of FDB Multilex within TrakCare has offered the Trust a crucial level of consistency in prescribing. This has helped reduce prescribing errors, improved patient safety, and promoted efficiency in the prescription process.

A Successful Journey Towards a Paperless Healthcare System

The Trust's ambitious shift from a paper-based system to InterSystems’ TrakCare marked a significant step towards a fully digital healthcare system. The new electronic prescribing and medications administration (ePMA) module was successfully rolled out across all inpatient and emergency wards, completely revolutionizing their workflows.

The Successful Rollout of ePMA across the Trust

The rollout of the ePMA module was executed strategically, following a phased ward-by-ward plan. This ensured a smooth transition for the staff and minimized disruption to patient care. The result was a successful implementation across all 28 inpatient wards and emergency areas, marking a major milestone in the Trust's digital journey.

TrakCare ePMA is now an integral part of the Trust's healthcare delivery, making patient medication information readily accessible and enhancing the efficiency of the prescribing process.

Beyond Implementation: The Impact of TrakCare on Healthcare Delivery

The implementation of TrakCare has led to numerous benefits, including a significant reduction in incidents related to illegible, lost, or incomplete patient Kardex. Predicted to reduce 50% in the first year, the Trust reported a remarkable 70% reduction in such incidents and anticipate achieving 100% by the end of the second year.

Additionally, TrakCare's ePMA has led to a 20% reduction in missed or omitted dose incidents within the first year of implementation. This is expected to further improve by up to 80% before the end of the second year.

Achieving Sustainability and Efficiency Goals with TrakCare

In terms of sustainability, the Trust's move towards a digital healthcare system has resulted in a significant reduction of their secondary carbon footprint. With a saving of 6.70 tonnes of CO2e per annum, the Trust has successfully aligned their digital transformation efforts with their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Trust has also noted substantial time savings since the implementation of TrakCare ePMA. Nursing staff have been able to reduce the time taken to complete inpatient drug rounds, freeing up 19,345 hours per annum to be reinvested into direct patient care.

Looking Ahead: Future Goals and Continued Digital Transformation

With the successful implementation of the ePMA module and substantial healthcare efficiency improvements, the Trust is looking towards a future without paper charts and the implementation of 'Injectables' functionality. They are also striving to achieve HIMMS Level 6, demonstrating their commitment to continued digital transformation in healthcare, and to implement closed-loop prescribing and patient scanning.

Conclusion: The Power of Partnership in Achieving Healthcare Efficiency Improvements

InterSystems' TrakCare implementation at the Trust is a testament to the potential of effective partnership working in healthcare. With a focus on patient safety and quality, the Trust has successfully realized numerous benefits from TrakCare, demonstrating the transformative power of integrated EPR solutions in advancing healthcare operations.

The Trust's successful digital transformation journey, underpinned by TrakCare, is an inspiring example of how embracing digital solutions can revolutionize healthcare delivery. By optimizing efficiency, improving patient safety, and promoting sustainability, the Trust is paving the way for a future where digital transformation in healthcare is not just a possibility, but a reality.

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