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Forging an Intelligent, Thinking Supply Chain

An IDC Infographic

Companies are using extended visibility and advanced analytics for a competitive advantage with their supply chains.

This IDC Infographic presents key findings from IDC industry research and surveys on how companies are enhancing their supply chain resilience and the challenges they still face. Topics include:

  • Ongoing Disruption Has Organizations Focused on Cultivating Supply Chain Resilience
  • Cloud-centric Data Integrations Are a Key Opportunity for Supply Chains
  • Investment in Supply Chain Technology Is Required to Mature Supply Chain Resiliency
  • Organizations that Need a Single Source of Truth – a “Connective Tissue” to Synthesize Disparate Data Sources Across Their Supply Chain in a True E2E Solution
  • Decision Automation Through AI Helps Achieve a Thinking Supply Chain
  • Speed to Decision Is Critical to Generate a Competitive Advantage in Supply Chain

To move from a linear supply chain model to a more dynamic, digital, and collaborative model, your underlying data architecture must also evolve. Speed to decision can only be achieved with a connective tissue that brings data ingestion, data integration, embedded analytics, and embedded interoperability into one unified platform using a smart data fabric.

A smart data fabric enables you to manage supply chain constraints by integrating disparate data sources, sensing disruptions, and providing actionable predictive and prescriptive insights in real time to support various applications and scenarios across the operational landscape.

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