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Clinical Viewer: Streamline Insights into Patient Changes


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By Julie Smith, MSHI, RN-BC, CEN Clinical Product Manager, HealthShare, InterSystems

The last thing physicians need is more complexity. Fortunately, InterSystems HealthShare users can connect doctors with accurate, real-time data through the updated Clinical Viewer.

Known for its ability to make HealthShare’s complete patient record accessible and easy to use, the Clinical Viewer empowers healthcare practitioners to view patient chart data without an electronic health record.  All information on patient encounters is available when and where a physician needs it — even through their iPhone. Now, the Clinical Viewer holds that same level of ease and functionality for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Clinical Viewer COVID guide provides information on how to customize COVID-19 charts, display icons, and embedded hyperlinks that offer key information on the disease. Through new alerts and icons, physicians can instantly pinpoint noteworthy events, such as when a patient tests positive for COVID-19 or is on a ventilator. The goal is to help clinicians and patients by serving the right data at the right time.

Here’s how you can leverage the Clinical Viewer’s latest features.

Create custom charts

Creating custom charts draws physicians to the most important information through convenient charts whose clinical data relates only to COVID-19. This can be done by leveraging instructions in the guide that walk you step-by-step through how to implement this in your system.

Display COVID-19 icons

Through custom icons in the patient banner, clinicians can seamlessly identify a patient’s COVID-19 status, for stronger decision making. For instance, you can highlight whether a patient has coronavirus, is waiting on lab results, or hasn’t undergone testing. Make these icons clickable to bring users directly to the custom COVID-19 chart.

COVID Clinical Viewer
HealthShare Clinical Viewer’s latest features

Embed hyperlinks

This feature appears in the Clinical Viewer’s “home menu” and offers immediate access to desired websites, so clinicians can get critical insights from the latest COVID-19 research, like through UpToDate®. Life isn’t easy for clinicians on the frontlines of the pandemic, but your work can make medicine smoother for everyone.

To learn more about leveraging these features and to request access to the guide, please contact your InterSystems account manager.


This story originally appeared the May 29, 2020 – HealthShare Connections News Flash No.2: COVID-19 Pandemic newsletter