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Optimising Fulfillment to Accelerate Time to Value

Supply Chain

four panels showing the steps in a supply chain

InterSystems technology enables your organisation to achieve near-perfect 99.999% fulfillment in weeks, even during significant global supply chain disruptions

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™ is a differentiated data platform that will improve time to value. Organisations benefit from not only vastly improved fulfillment rates, but also from increased workforce productivity and revenues, all while reducing operational costs.

You can achieve 99.999% OTIF (on time in full) fulfillment within five months, outperforming standard benchmarks. Most commercial-off-the-shelf applications can optimise inventory fulfillment but often only cover 70% or 80% of requirements. Our technology integrates all your supply chain systems, employing artificial intelligence technology (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimise fulfillment in real time. And we deliver these major gains without changes to your current processes.

The Challenge

Accurately fulfilling thousands of orders for millions of items is extremely challenging. Many large organisations have multiple systems for order, warehouse, or transportation management that are barely integrated – frequently not at all. An organisation with tens of thousands of different products may have to move them across many modes of transportation, IT systems, and third-party logistics partners, all adding to complexity, as well as loss of visibility and control.

Sudden and significant changes in demand, especially in consumer markets, stack up more challenges, requiring order revision and reallocation. If your systems are disjointed and you lack the ability to analyse masses of data in real time, you will struggle to deliver on time, in full and your reputation and revenue will be negatively impacted.

Key Benefits
Typical order optimisation benefits are:

Increased revenue through vastly improved OTIF – in a large enterprise even a small percentage increase equates to millions of dollars

Streamlined processes and increased automation deliver lower operational and labor costs

Significantly fewer issues with product or raw material defects from vibration, heat, light, or temperature at any point in the end-to-end material or product journey

A more productive labor force, with faster time-to-decision

The Solution

Supply Chain Orchestrator is a data platform that provides a connective tissue, ensuring real-time accurate data flows along all supply chain systems to transform order fulfillment rates. It provides four embedded technologies as a single capability: consistent trusted data that is harmonised and normalised from disparate sources; real-time data and analytics for on-demand, real-time analysis; intelligent processes for seamless interoperability; and business intelligence with actionable predictive and prescriptive insights, leveraging our ML and AI.

Actionable insights drive significant efficiencies in every area, increasing automation and significantly boosting productivity. Supply Chain Orchestrator provides the infrastructure needed to optimise raw materials handling from point-of-supply to end consumption. Organisations can integrate transportation, warehouse management systems, and advanced robotics.

By increasing automation through Supply Chain Orchestrator, organisations accelerate decision-making, offer self-service access to analytics, and remove human errors. Organisations are ready to implement AI and ML-driven prediction and productivity gains. They achieve rapid adaptation to any changes in demand, logistics disruptions, or business priorities, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

A Proven Partner
PALTAC is Japan’s largest wholesaler of over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, and daily necessities. It has used the power of InterSystems IRIS to achieve landmark 99.999% OTIF, delivering 3.5 billion products annually.

Using InterSystems technology as a platform for digital transformation, PALTAC has improved its workforce efficiency as it routinely optimises fulfillment of orders for 50,000 items from 1,000 manufacturers in response to demand from 400 retailers operating 50,000 stores.

The platform supports an application which uses AI to automate allocation of personnel for in-store activities, increasing productivity, and on-shelf availability. Real-time data flows and advanced interoperability have driven more advanced use of robotics. The company is more agile and benefits from streamlined processes, higher revenue, and greater customer satisfaction.

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