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From Planning to Execution:

Navigating Real-world Challenges in Achieving Complete Supply Chain Visibility

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In a rapidly evolving business landscape, achieving resilience in the supply chain has become more critical than ever. This webinar explores the challenges and opportunities surrounding complete visibility from the first to the last mile.

In this webinar, panellists discuss the realities of planning in the perfect world versus executing in the real world and how organisations can bridge the gap, while exploring how complete visibility from the first to the last mile can serve as the answer in the era of the ‘Permacrisis’.

Learn how harnessing healthy data across your supply chain application ecosystem can provide valuable insights, enabling you to optimise sourcing requirements, balance inventory, and allocate products effectively.


  • Jonathan Easton - Editor, National Technology News
  • John Bubeer - Director of the Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, Kingfisher
  • Mark Holmes - Senior Advisor for Supply Chain at InterSystems
  • Lucie Hyde - Founder and Managing Director, LNH Transport

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