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Accelerate Business Outcomes With Integrated Decision Intelligence

Supply Chain

Digital warehouse supply chain

Logistics Congestion, Geopolitical Tensions, Labor Shortages, and Increasing Operational Costs are Keenly Felt by Supply Chain Organisations

These unprecedented challenges have exposed the fragility of supply chain interdependencies and highlighted the importance of fast, informed decision making in supply chains across all sectors, from pharmaceutical to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

In a sector where unexpected global events or natural disasters can have huge implications, accelerating decision-making by using real-time, accurate data is a vital capability, and one which organisations must prioritize.

That’s Where InterSystems Comes In

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™ is a data platform that enables supply chain organisations to see, understand, optimise, and act to attain an agile and resilient supply chain model.

InterSystems provides the connective tissue needed to help organisations like yours achieve operational excellence. As the foundation for a smart data fabric architecture, Supply Chain Orchestrator provides you with fast, accurate time-to-decision with usable, trustworthy data and the capability to augment human decisions with prescriptive action. This allows you to predict disruption and opportunity in real-time.

Supply Chain Orchestrator is the only supply chain data platform with out-of-the-box data integration, data ingestion, interoperability, and advanced analytics.

This Accelerates Time To Value

• No expensive tools to buy or integrate
• Fast proof-of-value - just six to eight weeks to provide significant value
• Complements existing systems/apps - with no “rip and replace” needed
• Flexible UI controls for business logic - KPI definition, BI reports, process design, and more
• Extensibility via robust APIs for related services
• Start anywhere in your supply chain
• Grow at your own pace and easily expand to new use cases
• Quickly adapt to supply chain dynamics/continuous change

How Supply Chain Orchestrator Provides Significant Impact in Three Business Outcome Areas:

Enhanced supply chain orchestration: Power your supply chain application ecosystem with healthy data for end-to-end visibility, insights, and better decisions to achieve the agility and resilience you need to cope with supply chain disruptions both today and in the future. See, understand, optimise, and act.

Improved demand sensing and forecasting: Embedded AI/ML techniques allow you to optimise demand sensing and forecasting by detecting current short-term supply chain trends in near real time with data that is harmonised and normalised. You quickly optimise applications with what consumers want, when and where they want it, through transformation of inventory allocation, improved on-shelf availability, and greater forecast accuracy.

Optimised fulfillment: Create a differentiated order fulfillment experience with prescriptive insights to adapt to order changes, supplier availability issues, and demand spikes for competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Orchestrator Accelerates Time to Value

IRIS Supply Chain Accelerates Time to Value diagram
Business Benefits
• Significantly improved OSA
• Optimised inventory allocation
• Improved forecast accuracy
• Near-perfect OTIF
• Improved supply and demand forecasting accuracy
• Significantly improved productivity
• Accelerated line of business “time to decision,” with confidence
• Optimised sustainability decisions

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