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Streamlining EMR Interactions with a Reimagined User Experience

Electronic Medical Records

As a clinician who started off his career using paper, I know firsthand how EMR systems have revolutionised healthcare. I can attest to the many ways EMRs have made it easier for me to access patient records and find the information I need when I need it.

EMR systems provide a full view of a patient’s history, improving diagnoses and treatments. They make it easier to share information. They simplify recordkeeping and compliance. The list goes on. But let’s be honest, EMR systems can take some time to learn and can be a bit cumbersome to use. The crux of the matter is that most EMR user interfaces are designed around the data, not around the user. Clinicians can get distracted navigating menus, trying to find the right screens and the right fields, instead of engaging the patient.

New TrakCare Assistant Simplifies EMR Workflows and Increases User Satisfaction

Well, help has arrived. InterSystems new TrakCare Assistant feature fundamentally transforms the way you interact with an EMR system, providing instant and effortless access to the information you need. Think of TrakCare Assistant as your co-pilot. Just type in what you are looking for and TrakCare Assistant automatically takes you to the right EMR screen or function without any distractions.

Simply enter text strings or fragments into the TrakCare Assistant box and TrakCare Assistant does the rest

TrakCare Assistant reimagines the user experience, dramatically streamlining EMR interactions in an incredibly simple, yet highly effective way. With TrakCare Assistant, clinicians spend less time clicking through the EMR interface, and more time focusing on what matters most—the patient. TrakCare Assistant puts the clinician front and center, reducing learning curves and improving user productivity and satisfaction.

TrakCare Assistant includes open APIs that make it easy to tie in external applications and add enhanced capabilities like speech recognition and voice typing. You can also use the APIs to incorporate AI engines to deliver advanced functionality.

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Clinician turnover and frustration is higher than ever. According to a recent KLAS research report, 60% of clinicians feel completely burned out. Going forward, hospitals and healthcare systems must find innovative ways to make life easier for clinicians and reduce burnout.

TrakCare Assistant simplifies EMR workflows and reduces friction, helping clinicians minimise clicks, increase efficiency, and maintain focus. With TrakCare Assistant, doctors and nurses spend less time navigating the EMR and more time engaging patients.

To learn how TrakCare Assistant can help your organisation streamline EMR interactions, improve clinician productivity, and boost user satisfaction, contact InterSystems today to arrange a demo.