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InterSystems and CLEAR Partner to Transform the Patient and Provider Experience with Enhanced Identity Verification Technology

Integration of CLEAR Verified Identity technology with InterSystems Health Gateway Service improves the patient check-in and pre-registration process to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of patient data management 

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., June 11, 2024 - InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to solving critical scalability, interoperability, and speed challenges for its customers, has announced a strategic partnership with CLEAR, the secure identity company. The partnership aims to integrate CLEAR’s Verified Identity technology with InterSystems Health Gateway Service to simplify and accelerate secure access to patients’ medical histories and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of patient data management and access to patients’ medical histories and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of patient data management.

In modern healthcare, personalized care decisions often involve input from multiple clinicians and specialists. However, these professionals frequently encounter incomplete medical data due to limited interoperability across different healthcare systems. As a result, a patient’s complete medical history may not follow them to every care visit.

The InterSystems Health Gateway Service addresses this issue by gathering, deduplicating, and aggregating patient data from national networks such as Care Quality, eHealth Exchange, and CommonWell. Through providing a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history, the Health Gateway Service empowers healthcare providers to make more informed decisions based on a patient's complete records. Now, InterSystems is teaming up with CLEAR to enhance this service further by incorporating identity verification technology that streamlines patient check-in and pre-registration processes to enhance patient data management.

“CLEAR’s Verified Identity technology has transformed the airport experience for millions of travelers,” said Don Woodlock, Head of Global Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems. “In the same way, CLEAR’s technology combined with the InterSystems Health Gateway Service will transform the patient and provider experience through streamlining the check-in and pre-registration process for patients, immediately giving clinicians a clear and complete picture of the patient even prior to their first visit.”

“Connecting a patient’s identity to their medical history is a challenge that CLEAR is uniquely suited to help solve,” said Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO of CLEAR. "Through our partnership with InterSystems, we will reduce friction for both patients and providers by securely confirming your identity.”

"Wellstar has introduced CLEAR into our patient check-in process to make confirming identity both more seamless and more secure,” said Dr. Hank Capps, FAAFP, EVP and Chief Information and Digital Officer for Wellstar Health System, and President of Catalyst by Wellstar. “We are excited to explore new partnerships, like what CLEAR and InterSystems bring to the table, to make healthcare simpler for all."

The joint offering between CLEAR and InterSystems is currently in an early access program with select healthcare systems in the United States. A demo of the offering will be featured in Don Woodlock’s June 11 mainstage keynote at InterSystems Global Summit 2024 in National Harbor, Maryland.

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