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Integration Made Simple
A real-time, bidirectional gateway between cloud fintech applications and customers' production applications and data sources

Cloud Fintech Gateway

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Cloud Fintech Gateway

As traditional financial services firms continue to embrace innovation, they turn to fintech providers to enhance digital products and solutions with cloud-based applications. Integrating these cloud applications into existing infrastructure can be challenging but essential for a good experience.

InterSystems Cloud Fintech Gateway is helping financial services firms integrate fintech applications faster and more efficiently by providing seamless, bidirectional real-time integration with their existing legacy systems, production applications, and data sources that are either on premises, in the cloud, or both.

The solution uses a smart data fabric architecture that connects data across internal and external systems and applications without disrupting existing infrastructure.

The InterSystems Difference

Seamless Integration
Integrates real-time event and transactional data, along with other data from any number of back-end systems, and transforms it into a common, harmonized format to feed cloud fintech applications on demand.
Complements existing infrastructure, providing a non-disruptive layer that connects and accesses information from legacy systems and applications via a smart data fabric.
Fast, Secure, Reliable
Provides bidirectional, real-time, consistent, and secure data sharing between fintech applications and the organization's production applications.

About Cloud Fintech Gateway

The Cloud Fintech Gateway solution can apply transformations, data pipelining, business rules, security, and analytical processing to the data as it's being requested by the fintech applications. This ensures that the data in the applications is always current and accurate. The connectivity is bidirectional so that any changes made through the fintech applications can be securely reflected back in the production applications.
Diagram of InterSystems Cloud Fintech Gateway Process

Key Benefits

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Speed to Value
Accelerates the integration of cloud-based fintech solutions and technology into their existing infrastructure.
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Takes the friction out of deploying fintech applications making it easier to adopt new technology.
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Operational Efficiencies
Eliminates the complexity and inefficiencies of manual integrations by implementing a smart data fabric.
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Real-Time Scenarios
Leverages InterSystems IRIS data platform, which is ideal for handling mission-critical, real-time, transactional-analytic use cases at scale.
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Accelerating Innovation in Financial Services with Unqork and InterSystems
Unqork and InterSystems partner to enable firms to quickly and seamlessly develop custom cloud-native applications, using zero lines of code.
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Why InterSystems?
InterSystems is a technology leader used by thousands of clients globally to build and run mission-critical, data-intensive applications.

Banks, asset managers, and fintech firms rely on InterSystems to run trade order management systems, wealth management platforms, regulatory reporting engines, and business reporting.

Supporting Innovation in
Financial Services for Decades

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