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Optimised Supply Chain Orchestration for Governments

Improved Citizen Support with Supply Chain Visibility and AI/ML-Driven Augmented Decision Support

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Government agencies are engaged with supply chains from multiple perspectives, including:

  • Monitoring food, drug, and public safety, transportation, materials and other sectors for real-time visibility and decision support
  • Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) for agencies that need to track and maintain assets and infrastructure across multiple sectors of the economy
  • Supply chain logistics for agencies as they deal with thousands of suppliers and need real-time insights to drive efficiency

Government agencies need real-time visibility and AI-augmented insights to meet their objectives. Minutes matter in dealing with critical issues around public safety, defence, and transportation across a multitude of data sources inside and outside an agency’s walls.

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™ provides next-generation solutions that accelerate business outcomes with integrated decision intelligence to drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain. It integrates and complements your existing application infrastructure to enable better decision-making, create intelligent, streamlined, end-to-end processes, and deliver accurate real-time visibility and traceability. 

Enhance Your Visibility and Drive Next-Best Actions at Scale

For operational efficiency and situational awareness, agencies need to bring together diverse sources of data. With data sources ranging from internal legacy systems to external systems and even social media, it’s critical to have a central extensible model to harmonise and normalise data across all disparate sources.

Supply Chain Orchestrator provides the connective tissue to integrate disparate data sources, sense disruptions, and provide actionable predictive and prescriptive insights in real time so you have full visibility across even the most complex and high-volume supply chains.

All the insights you need to intelligently orchestrate your supply chain response are available to you from a single platform. Connect once and get full visibility into the entire supply chain. Our rules engine will drive next best actions from your team with AI/ML-driven insights so you can see and respond to bottlenecks and issues before they happen.

Supply Chain Orchestrator is built on InterSystems IRIS® and includes supply chain-specific accelerators and frameworks to provide optimised solutions for:

InterSystems IRIS is a complete cloud-first data platform that enables a smart data fabric architecture to make it easier to build and deploy high-performance, ML-enabled applications that connect data and application silos. You can integrate the physical elements of logistics, fulfillment, warehousing, and freight so everything works together to deploy, manage, scale, and optimise your supply chain.

Stop piecing together data from multiple systems and start optimising your visibility and insights so you can focus on the mission that matters. 

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Public Sector Use Cases
Government agencies are involved in supply chains in a number of ways
The monitoring of items such as food and transport that impact hundreds of millions of citizens daily.
MRO for agencies across sectors as they operate and maintain varied infrastructure in their missions from military, public safety, energy, and civilian use cases. Examples span from military parts and equipment to federal facilities and emergency supplies.
Supply logistics as government agencies are impacted by the same supply chain pressures that have disrupted the global supply chain network over the last several years. Uncover potential threats and supply chain disruptions down to the ingredient or subpart level.

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