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Child Welfare Interoperability

True Interoperability with the 3Cs

parents holding young child's hand

InterSystems supports child welfare agencies in their modernisation efforts by organising data into dependable, relevant, and trusted views to facilitate better decision support and improved outcomes. Our flexible data and application development platform lets child welfare agencies bring together disconnected internal and external systems, entities, and data to enhance visibility for case and field workers, managers, administrators, children and families across the organisation.

InterSystems approach focuses on helping you achieve what we call True Interoperability with the 3Cs – Connectivity, Compatibility, and Context. Many companies provide Connectivity by using data pipes that move and connect data from system to system. But this approach generally lacks contextual understanding and relies on custom-built data transformations that must be continually updated and maintained over time. Connectivity alone does not deliver True Interoperability. For that, you need to add Compatibility and Context.

You can realize significant improvements in program performance and take advantage of associated increases in federal funding incentives.

Compatibility enables you to access program data where it resides, transform that data seamlessly between different standards or protocols, and unify data across disparate data sources – in other words, making it compatible across your systems. Context allows you to understand the meaning of the data from any approved source, utilising a program specific data model. Context supports right-time actions, informed by business logic and alerts. Context lets you distribute transformed data in conformance with established security and access rules.

You can think of the relationship between True Interoperability and the 3Cs like this:

Child Welfare Interoperability 3C diagram - connectivity, compatibility, context
The 3Cs empower child welfare agencies to share data rapidly, safely, and securely among those who need it.

Together, the 3Cs empower child welfare agencies to share data rapidly, safely, and securely among those who need it. This lets you take critical case actions, in real or most current point in time, that are informed by meaningful, data-driven business logic. It lets your agency establish a de-facto standard for collecting and sharing child welfare data within the agency, across the state, and nationally. Ultimately, you and your agency can realize significant improvements in program performance and take advantage of associated increases in Federal funding incentives.

Consider just two of the challenges facing child welfare agencies that InterSystems can help address:

CCWIS Modernisation

As your agency considers Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) modernisation, our flexible data and application development platform, powered by the 3Cs can provide smart data management and distribution. This helps your agency respond swiftly and effectively to situations such as potential child risk and abuse, changes in circumstances for children and their families, assessments of prospective child placements, and access to critical court documents.

Risk Assessment

Many child welfare agencies are struggling with performing risk assessment due to limited ability to collect and analyse complete and accurate data from a variety of key sources - courts, hospitals, schools, and others - in real or most current point in time. With True Interoperability from InterSystems, you can receive, assess, and act upon this critical data as soon as it becomes available. No more waiting for flat files, overnight or monthly batch files, or even paper documents.

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