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Getting the Most from AI in MedTech Takes Data Know-How

A Fierce Medtech White Paper

Getting the Most from AI in MedTech Takes Data Know-How - Whitepaper thumbnail

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in wearables, monitoring, and imaging is forecast to save hundreds of thousands of lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars, a year by helping individuals make healthy lifestyle decisions and helping physicians detect disease early. Yet, AI alone can’t guarantee a runaway product success. MedTech companies seeking to incorporate AI into their product portfolio — either as “table stakes” or as a competitive differentiator — will only realise its potential if they solve challenges related to data acquisition, interoperability, data cleansing and privacy.

InterSystems, a pioneer in healthcare data platform development, has learned, understood, and incorporated pivotal insights from its extensive experience in digital health solutions. That experience points up the need to give AI a strong foundation. In this white paper, we expand on these insights and discuss how MedTech companies can build on these lessons to succeed in AI.

Download the white paper to read more, including:

  • Data acquisition, interoperability, cleansing and privacy challenges
  • Technologies that empower MedTech companies to overcome these challenges
  • How partnering supports effective development and deployment

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