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Digital Transformation: View from the Inside Out

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Our technology is often critical to digital transformation efforts.  We counsel organizations to use our technology to break down siloes, share information, and gain insights from consolidated data.  These are the same challenges that all businesses face to match the pace of change in our digital world, including InterSystems.

Yet sometimes, we are too busy solving our customers problems that we fail to see our own.

So, what does digital transformation look like from the inside? Here are a few thoughts.

When we began the relaunch our partner program and creation of Partner Hub, our focus was not on a major digital transformation effort.  We began with a much more modest goal to improve how we share information with our partners.

What we came to realize is that our effort is a digital transformation story.  One of the best ways to think about a definition of digital transformation is provided by Greg Verdino, a leading thinker on digital transformation, technology trends, marketing innovation, and business strategy.

 “Digital transformation closes the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analog businesses actually deliver.”

As a channel manager myself, I understand the steep learning curve for doing business with other companies. It can take considerable effort to understand how other organizations work, including InterSystems.

The more we looked at our own processes, the more we began to see many areas that were ripe transformation. InterSystems has been in business since 1978 and has grown and evolved through many trends. But like the proverbial boiling frog, we became accustomed to the way we do business. We live our processes every day, become knowledgeable in our ways, and assume they are as well understood by everyone else as they are by us. But for partners who interact with us infrequently, or are just beginning to work with InterSystems, understanding what to do and how to get help can be a challenge.

So, we began to examine the gap between our processes and our partners digital expectations.

We’re pleased to announce the initial destination on that journey, Partner Hub.

We know that this is but a first step, and that our journey will continue. A key aspect of digital transformation is a willingness to make mistakes, try things, fix them when they don’t work, improve them when they do.

So, our ask of our you, our partners, is quite simple; tell us how we’re doing. We need you to provide continual feedback. Never let us rest on our progress to digitally transform our own business, even as we help you transform yours. Help us provide options to engage with you through high touch, and self-service that fit how YOU work, not us.

We also want to reaffirm our unique commitment to our partners. InterSystems will never be an organization that forces our partners to blindly stumble through self-service processes with no option to talk to a live person. That is simply not who we are. We are and will remain a company that values high-touch relationships. And, as such a company we face an interesting twist to our own digital transformation story. To digitize wisely, and not lose who we are and what makes us unique in the process.

We’ll be offering learning sessions, a chance to get hands-on with Partner Hub and the opportunity to talk with our partner team to offer ideas for improvement and discuss way we can help your business move faster with our help at InterSystems Global Summit 2019.

Partner Hub is one more avenue for InterSystems to deliver The Fastest Path to Possible.
"InterSystems is here for the benefit of our clients. We strive for excellence in everything we do. And we strive to be a company that our partners can trust with their long-term future and success." - Terry Ragon, CEO & Founder, InterSystems

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