Who We Are

About Us

We are the engine behind the world’s most important applications. 
Some applications are too important to fail. They support our healthcare systems, businesses, and governments. Health. Prosperity. Society. These are things that matter. What our clients strive to enable every day. And what our software helps make possible.

Our Business Philosophy

Like most software companies, we are passionate about our products. But first we are passionate about our customers. We’re here for your benefit. This drives what we do and how we behave. We strive for excellence in everything – from product development to sales and customer support.

With You for the Long Run

With You for the Long Run

Since its founding in 1978 InterSystems has been privately held. Today we have customers in 80 countries, $536 million in revenue for 2015, no debt, and no investors to answer to. We have no quarterly results to report and factor into our decisions. We’re not interested in polishing numbers for an IPO. This leads to a business model where we can partner with you in ways that a publicly held or pre-IPO company cannot.

We’re in every business relationship for the long run. Our focus is on you and helping you succeed.

Our Customer Support Philosophy

Our goal is for you to have a positive, “Wow!” experience every time you contact InterSystems customer support. We put our best people on the front lines of support, and we do not ration their time. That means that your first contact with customer support will be with an engineer who can address your problem and take responsibility for resolving it – at the level and speed you request.

Whatever it Takes

Whatever it Takes

InterSystems is a “do whatever it takes” company. We help our smallest clients by augmenting their capabilities with ours, so that even a small company can win and serve big customers. We help our largest clients with ongoing efforts to improve their offerings, and ours.

Our Product Philosophy

Our products are designed around the idea that lives and livelihoods depend on them to work properly and reliably. It’s easy to see how this applies in healthcare, where InterSystems technology supports the health records of more than 450 million people worldwide. But it’s equally true in other industries. In financial services, for example, InterSystems-based applications support livelihoods by processing 15% of the world’s equity trades every day.

The IRIS Vision, and a Powerful Engine

The IRIS Vision, and a Powerful Engine

Our software developers work to ensure that all InterSystems products are interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable – our IRIS principle.

• Interoperability is fundamental to the operation of every one of our products, not just an add-on, enabling more connected, information rich, smarter applications
• Reliability is a must when uptime may be measured in terms of lives saved or lost
• Intuitive means simplification not just at the user level, but deep inside the code, where a simpler architecture leads to higher performance, greater reliability, and easier maintenance
• Scalability is for cost-effective operation in a world where the meaning of ‘big’ can change day by day

Ultimately, our software design philosophy, products, and support empower people to be creative in building new applications that solve tough problems and delight their users. It’s why InterSystems has become the engine behind the world’s most important applications.

Our Philosophy in Action – Company History

Company History


Phillip T. (Terry) Ragon founded our company in 1978 . His product vision – power through simplicity – has deep roots in remarkable application development technology invented during the 1960s at the Laboratory for Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Originally conceived as an easy-to-use programming language for doctors, the MGH technology was expanded by InterSystems developers to create innovative data management products and rapid application development technologies. Long before the term “Big Data” came into vogue, our products were taking on classic Big Data challenges, making short work of the volume, velocity, and variety of transactional data. The strength of our technology attracted our first clients, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Epic. All of our original clients are still working with us today. The longevity of these relationships is one of the hallmarks of our company, and a testament to our passion for making clients successful.

In 1997, our growth accelerated with the launch of the Caché high-performance “post-relational” database system. It retained our fundamental design principle of power through simplicity and provided a path forward for existing clients, but was completely reengineered to incorporate key advanced technologies. Unlike relational databases that rigidly organize data in tables, Caché was a multidimensional database that could handle all formats of structured and unstructured data – a valuable breakthrough, especially in healthcare, which has always relied heavily on free-text clinician notes.

In the early years of the new millennium, our product portfolio grew with an expanded focus on interoperability when we introduced the Ensemble integration platform and the HealthShare informatics platform.

It expanded again with our acquisition of the TrakCare healthcare information system in 2007, which enabled us to enter additional markets around the world.

All of these products share a common core – Caché – and benefit from the addition of new embedded technologies including DeepSee, iKnow, and Zen. Today, our platform seamlessly combines advanced data management, connectivity, and analytics capabilities, and our clients have used it to create some of the world’s most important applications.

Our design principles when our company was founded – rapid application development, high performance on low-cost hardware, interoperability across a variety of devices and user interfaces, and ease of use and management – are still relevant to this day and remain influential in the evolution of our platform. As the scale of what our clients have to do grows steadily, with applications that now encompass millions of users and petabytes of data, they have the power of InterSystems platform and support to drive their success.