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Renewing InterSystems Certifications

InterSystems certifications expire after five years; below you will find details on renewing your certification.

Benefits of getting recertified

  • Keep your skills current and ensure you are up to date with the latest technology.
  • Demonstrate a continuous learning mindset.
  • Help your company maintain organisational certification.

Options for getting recertified

To get recertified, you will need to schedule, take, and pass one of the following before your existing certification expires.

  • The current version of the certification exam.
  • An associated  recertification project (only available during the recertification period).

Recertification pricing

  • The first two recertification attempts are $75 during the recertification period, which is 50% off the regular cost of InterSystems certification exams.
  • Extensions for discounted pricing past the recertification period will not be offered.
  • Recertification pricing applies to both exams and projects.
  • Additional attempts will be the full price of $150.

Recertification period

  • To ensure continuous certification and to take advantage of discounted pricing, you must renew your certification within the 6-month recertification period. This period begins six months prior to the expiration date of your existing certification and ends on the expiration date.
  • You will receive a courtesy email from InterSystems Certification to notify you when the recertification period has started. Sixty days prior to the expiration of your certification, you will receive an additional email from Credly. All emails will be sent to the email address associated with your Credly account.
  • Once your certification expires and the recertification period ends, you will not be eligible to complete the recertification project. You will still be able to take the certification exam, but the discount will no longer be available.  

Steps for completing the recertification process

  1. Identify certifications that are eligible for renewal.
    1. Log into your account.
    2. View your badge(s) to find the expiration date(s).
  2. Decide whether to take the exam or complete the recertification project. See the FAQs section below for more details.
  3. Purchase the exam or recertification project:
    1. Log in to the  InterSystems exam delivery platform.
    2. Purchase the exam or project, and apply the $75 voucher code that was included in the 6-month reminder email from InterSystems Certification. If candidates have not received a voucher code, please write to
    3. Schedule the exam under My Assessments.
    4. To schedule a recertification project, launch the project under My Assessments and submit the information request form. The InterSystems Certification Team will confirm the scheduled appointment and provide project details within 1-2 business days. 
  4. Take the exam OR complete the project before the end of the recertification period.

What to expect after the recertification attempt

  • Once you successfully completed the recertification process, the certification expiration date will be extended for an additional five years from the date of successful completion of the exam or project.
  • If you are unsuccessful on the first recertification attempt and would like a second attempt, contact to request a new voucher code for recertification, and follow the steps above to purchase another attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know when my certification expires?
Log in to your account and view your badge(s) to find the expiration date(s). You will also receive an email from InterSystems Certification notifying you that your certification is expiring, and the recertification period is starting.
2. How do I decide whether to take the exam or complete the recertification project?
You should carefully read both the exam description and recertification description, then determine which one you would like to complete. An important difference between the two options is:
  • The exam must be taken in an online proctored environment in which no additional resources are allowed.
  • The project is an open-book, performance-based assessment in which you are free to use any resource except another human.
3. Can I renew my certification before I receive notifications that I am eligible to do so?
The recertification project and the discounted rate for the exam attempts will only be available during the recertification period. If candidates decide to take the new version of the exam before their recertification period begins, they will be required to pay the full price.
4. My certification expired. What happens now?
If your certification expires, the only way to earn the certification is to pass the current version of the exam at full price. You will not be eligible to complete the recertification project.
5. Can I renew any of my InterSystems certifications?
Yes. Unless a certification is retired, any certification can be renewed during the recertification period.
6. Which languages are exams available in?
All exams are currently only available in English.
7. How do I prepare for the exam?
Review the preparation materials on the webpage associated with the exam. Note that some exam topics may have changed from the previous version of the exam.
8. How do I prepare for the recertification project?
Review the preparation materials on the webpage associated with the project and familiarize yourself with the technology as it relates to the project topics outlined.
9. How long should I wait between exam attempts if I am not successful?
You can attempt an exam for the second time 24 hours after the first attempt. For additional attempts, you will need to wait longer. See the InterSystems Certification Retake Policy for details about this and the maximum number of attempts allowed.
10. If I fail the exam, can I complete the recertification project instead?
Yes, you may complete the recertification project as a subsequent attempt at recertification after an unsuccessful exam attempt. Only the first two attempts at recertification are offered at the discounted price.
11. If I fail to complete the recertification project, can I take the exam?
Yes, you may take the exam as a subsequent attempt at recertification after an unsuccessful recertification project attempt. Only the first two attempts at recertification are offered at the discounted price.
12. What happens if I miss my scheduled exam time or do not attempt the project within my scheduled time frame?
Missed exam appointments and recertification project attempts are recorded as an attempt at recertification, and no refunds will be provided.

If you are unable to make your appointment, you will need to reschedule your exam or recertification project attempt prior to the scheduled window. A one-week advanced notice is required for any cancellations or rescheduled attempts.
13. How can I reschedule an exam or recertification project?
  • To reschedule an exam, log in to the InterSystems exam delivery platform, and navigate to My Assessments. Cancel your scheduled exam, then reschedule for another date.
  • To reschedule a recertification project, email with your name, the email address where your ReadyTech access code was sent, and a new recertification project time frame.
14. Can I earn recertification by taking an exam or completing a project that is being beta tested?
Yes. However, consider the following conditions for getting recertified during the beta period:
  • You must schedule and complete the exam or recertification project within the beta period, which varies. If an exam or recertification project is being beta tested, please refer to the relevant  Developer Community post for additional information.
  • The passing score for the exam and project will be decided after the beta period ends. If you receive a score at or above the passing score, you will earn recertification.