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TrakCare Connectivity

Build Better Connections Across the Care Continuum

Whether integrating systems, devices and clinical content, or sharing information with registries, data warehouses, and regulatory bodies, TrakCare’s world-class interoperability builds better connections between healthcare organisations, patients, and healthcare professionals.

Our Healthcare Messaging Framework enables standards-based interoperability using HL7 FHIR®, HL7v2, CDA, and other integration and messaging capabilities.

Innovate with Data without Vendor Lock-in

Data in TrakCare is never locked away or trapped, it's always securely sharable. When it's time to innovate you can access the data in TrakCare as FHIR resources using our Interoperability Toolkit. You can build something new or leverage an existing SMART on FHIR application and access it directly from TrakCare to streamline the experience for users. Patients can access their data from TrakCare using Apple Computer’s Health app, for example.

Do your patients have clinical encounters and health information outside your organisation in the care community?

You can extend the reach of TrakCare to these and other sources with InterSystems HealthShare® for community-wide information sharing.

HealthShare HealthConnect


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