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The Solutions to Today’s Supply Chain Disruptions: Intelligent Management

InterSystems IRIS data platform provides prescriptive insights to enable intelligent decision execution

WINDSOR, UK, 25th July, 2022InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, and UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, have integrated the UST Omni solution with the InterSystems IRIS® data platform to help customers stay ahead of supply chain disruptions. The market-leading UST Omni solution, which provides consolidated supply chain visibility for demand planning and forecasting, inventory visibility, order orchestration, and shipment track and trace, now includes new predictive and prescriptive analytics with risk management capabilities that enable intelligent decision execution using the InterSystems IRIS data platform.

Recent events have brought unprecedented challenges to global supply chains. A global health pandemic, geopolitical tensions/conflict, logistics congestion, equipment constraints, labour shortages, inflationary pressures, and security concerns have forced organisations to re-examine vulnerabilities in their global supply chains. This disruptive environment requires a more holistic view of the supply chain—one that leverages predictive and prescriptive insights, addresses risk across 40,000+ touchpoints, and captures millions to billions of data points to create a “risk chain.” Such an approach enables organisations to identify and address disruptions as or before they happen without interrupting operations.

Traditional approaches to data management are failing to meet new business requirements. In today’s disruptive supply chain ecosystem, a combination of real-time connected data, self-service, and a high degree of automation, speed, and intelligence represents a powerful competitive advantage. With their partnership, UST Omni, with the new prescriptive insights and recommendations powered by InterSystems IRIS, provide customers with the data driven guidance to address supply chain disruption more accurately and in real-time, leading to optimised business operations. Together, InterSystems and UST are addressing the need for a truly prescriptive solution that enables essential stability of supply chain operations.

“The ability to address supply chain disruptions before they occur based on prescriptive insights is an extremely valuable tool for businesses,” said Keith Pickens, Retail Domain Leader and General Manager, UST. “As one of the most sophisticated, yet streamlined, platforms on the market, InterSystems IRIS brings advanced data analytics within reach, enhancing the capabilities of UST Omni and providing companies with the valuable insights they need to stay ahead of disruptions and fulfil order commitments.”

“Supply chain operations are awash with data that is siloed, dissimilar, and disparate, which makes it very difficult to consume. Combined with the many external supply chain disruptions we face today, effectively leveraging all of this data has become a major challenge,” said Scott Gnau, Head of Data Platforms, InterSystems. “By combining the power of the InterSystems IRIS data platform with UST Omni, we’re enabling customers to overcome these challenges with predictive and prescriptive insights to manage supply chain disruptions in real time, and proactively before they occur.”

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