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Medical Technology Innovators

Move "Beyond the Device" with InterSystems Technology

Enhance value by combining clinical and device data

Advances in computing power, wireless technology, miniaturisation and AI are driving innovation in connected medical devices.

However, in a fragmented healthcare system, data is often stored in multiple places and in a variety of formats and standards.

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ addresses this data management challenge. By releasing data from stubborn silos, it provides clean, compliant, and complete data for medtech innovation.

With InterSystems technology, your organisation can add discrete and unstructured data from electronic medical records to the range of data you already have from Internet-connected medical devices and other sources, regardless of format, to unlock all of its value.

Platform for innovation and improving every stage of your product lifecycle

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ is a unified data platform that enables you to cost effectively acquire and transform key data across the healthcare ecosystem. It provides a unique combination of advanced interoperability, inbuilt analytics, and machine learning technology.

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Key Features

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Deep support for all major international interoperability standards – including FHIR, HL7, IHE, CDA, DICOM, X12 etc.
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Out-of-the-box machine learning technology – AI and machine learning succeed or fail on the quality of the underlying data. So, InterSystems IRIS for Health™ delivers advanced data prep capabilities and inbuilt tools to increase the productivity of your data team. Data scientists can focus on the most complex problems, without having to worry about data access or model deployment.
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Proven scalability – because the volume and variety of healthcare information is stunningly large and growing exponentially, InterSystems IRIS for Health™ easily scales horizontally (through sharding) and vertically (through parallel SQL queries).
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Advanced, open analytics – breakthrough solutions will be those that bundle device, data, and real-time analytics. That’s why InterSystems IRIS for Health™ includes fully integrated support for business intelligence (BI) modelling, analysis, and end-user dashboards.

The interoperability challenges facing UK and Ireland MedTech companies

The MedTech sector is fast-moving and highly competitive. For a solution to be successful, companies must achieve interoperability with health systems and technologies, and be able to pull data from multiple sources meeting both legacy standards and fast-evolving new requirements. No solution can be an island.

To find out more about the data challenges MedTechs are facing, we conducted a survey of 100 senior personnel in the UK and Ireland MedTech industry and the diagnosis is clear: while all companies surveyed say they have interoperability strategies already in place, almost three-quarters (74%) are still struggling to make their data interoperable with today’s healthcare data standards. See here for the full results.

About InterSystems

Since our foundation in 1978, the healthcare IT industry has depended on InterSystems data platforms. No one has more experience supporting clinical data strategies and connected health information systems than InterSystems. Today, more than one billion health records across the globe are managed by solutions built on InterSystems technology. And our interoperability technology has been at or near the top of KLAS rankings for over a decade.

Leveraging data to go beyond the device: a roadmap for medtechs

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