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Higher Education

Enabling insight & innovation to deliver the ultimate student experience.

As larger macroeconomic forces shift, the ways in which students, staff, faculty, and alumni engage with higher education institutions is evolving. Leaders are increasingly implementing data-driven approaches to engagement, security, and digital transformation—often amid resource constraints.

Institutions are leveraging technology to power a future-forward digital strategy to support the next generation of student, as well as the institutional stakeholders that support them with data at the heart of decision making to remain resilient, agile and to ensure continued innovation.

Futureproof your IT infrastructure with InterSystems IRIS® - a next generation data platform with four key capabilities in one to integrate and complement your existing applications and IT infrastructure to provide real-time, intelligent, actionable insight to enable a data driven approach to support the student of tomorrow.

Resiliency, Reliability & Flexibility to Support All Stakeholders

InterSystems technology enables higher education institutions to drive digital transformation strategies and to futureproof for the next generation of student & faculty
Today, institutions are demanding more from the growing volume and complexity of data they have available – to gain increased resiliency and to innovate and deliver new high value services to their students.

But for many, the prevalence of data and application silos makes it difficult to gain full value from the data assets that are locked away.

All are striving to provide a consistent, accurate, real-time view of their enterprise data assets to make better decisions. To improve their student experiences. To innovate. To futureproof their organisation.

This is where smart data fabrics can help.

InterSystems IRIS Key Benefits

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Simplifies Development: InterSystems IRIS is a complete data platform providing comprehensive integration, database management, and analytics capabilities to speed and simplify a wide variety of critical long standing applications, with simpler architectures and faster time to value.
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Complements Existing Infrastructure: Integrates and connects existing applications and data silos without rip-and-replace.
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Enables Agility: Delivers flexible and customisable applications that adapt to changes in networks and process flows.
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Delivers Fast ROI: Results in rapid development, lower total cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance effort.
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Flexible Deployment Options: Support on-premises, cloud-agnostic, hybrid, and multi-cloud development environments.

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