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Five Questions to ask when reviewing your data architecture

What you should be looking to achieve from your data technology

The ability to futureproof and gain agility is a key driving factor for innovation among almost two-thirds (63%) of higher education institutions in recent research by InterSystems.


As student expectations evolve and create the risk of institutions falling behind, implementing a new IT architecture can provide the agility that is needed to take the next step in digital transformation journeys.

Ask these five questions when reviewing your data architecture and discover how to seize the opportunity for innovation, resiliency & reliability – future-proofing your institution for the student of tomorrow.

1. What should I look for from my data technology?

2. How is a new data solution going to help me provide a better student experience?

3. Which architectural approach should I choose?

4. How can I ensure the reliability of my new architecture?

5. Will implementing a new data architecture be costly to me?

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