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Health Data Interoperability: Opportunities and Threats

An on-demand webinar presented at Reuters Events Data & Informatics Week
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In this webinar, Don Woodlock, Head of Healthcare at InterSystems, joins a panel of industry leaders to discuss health data interoperability, including:

  • Examining the implications of clinical and claims interoperability on care delivery and reimbursement model evolution to understand the opportunities to improve care cost, efficiency and quality in your organisation
  • Fully understanding the importance of the health and human services cures act and how to comply with patient access API to claims to ensure regulation isn’t a burden, but instead drives better outcomes though superior data governance
  • Overcoming the cultural, technical and competitive hurdles to data operability to build structures that allow for the seamless movement of data across the continuum to support patient outcomes


Don Woodlock, Head of Healthcare, InterSystems

Amy Trainor, Vice President of Clinical Systems, Ochsner Health

Jeff Kraut, EVP, Strategy and Analytics, Northwell Health

Joshua Lamb, Interoperability Lead

No company knows health data like InterSystems:

1 Billion+
Health records worldwide managed using InterSystems technology, including 2 out of 3 Americans
2 of the 3
Major electronic health record products that Gartner calls "Global Solutions" run on InterSystems technology
All 20
Institutions in the U.S. News & World Report 2020 Honor Roll of Best Hospitals use InterSystems products

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