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Supply Chain Partners

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Often in the supply chain technology sector, many companies think they can advance through a series of short-lived relationships that require little in the way of commitment. At InterSystems, however, we believe in the power of long-term partnerships.

Our approach is not just about providing best-in-class software and technical support, but is focused on delivering sustained, multi-faceted value that builds up over time. This commitment ensures many of our partnerships endure for years, far longer than the norm in a field where the desire for innovation and agility can encourage companies to seek out new partners in database management and analytics.

Beyond the advanced capabilities of our solutions, our partner programme includes help from sales and marketing experts, joint marketing and networking opportunities, and access to education and training. We are determined to be a partner in the success of each customer – and we can demonstrate it in the following examples.

Principal Logistics Technology (PLT)

Principal Logistics Technology has been an InterSystems partner for more than 20 years, utilising InterSystems’ technology to create highly sophisticated warehouse management systems for companies in the logistics, food and retail distribution, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.

From a technical standpoint, InterSystems technology consistently provides PLT with the capabilities it requires for its modular approach, enabling it to deliver non-standard features to its customers that do not affect the underlying system. The company can also rapidly develop applications that are easy to maintain, while other suppliers, by contrast, add object-oriented functionality in layers that introduce technology mismatches and costly overheads.

PLT continues to use InterSystems technology after two decades because it has the scalability, adaptability, advanced capabilities and speed that needed for tailored innovation.

By embedding InterSystems technology into its solutions, Chess remains highly innovative, developing applications that combine industry best practices with versatile and easy-to-enhance functionality.

Computer Design Systems (CDS)

CDS has also been an InterSystems application partner for more than 20 years. Using InterSystems technology, CDS designs software for downstream oil and gas. Its CODAS solution is the UK and Ireland’s number one ERP solution for oil and LPG distributors, with more than 2,300 users in oil distribution and 600 in LPG distribution.

Covering the full range of specialist requirements, CODAS optimises management of customers, inventory, stock and accounting, with a full financial suite. A fully integrated solution, data only need be entered once into CODAS for it to be available for subsequent processing. It is a modular product to which its customers can add more options in line with the needs of their business. CODAS-OTC, for example, is an on-truck computing application that provides up-to-the-minute visibility for an entire vehicle fleet. Configurable geo-fencing means customers are notified when they are next in line for a delivery, giving them greater certainty.

InterSystems technology provides the record management capabilities for the high volume of transaction data. CDS is now offering customers with on-premises systems the ability to consolidate and move to a cloud-based SaaS approach. With the ability to innovate on the strength of InterSystems IRIS, CDS is now examining how it can bring the agility of CODAS to new markets such as hydrogen distribution.


UST is global company that provides digital transformation from design to implementation and operation across many industries, including healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, public sector, retail, financial services, and technology. It believes in building long relationships and its average length of tenure with customers is more than 13 years.

An InterSystems global partner that traces its origins back to 1999, UST now has more than 33,000 employees across 30 countries. In the supply chain, UST’s Omni application brings together business partners to give end-to-end supply chain visibility down to pallet level. InterSystems technology is the app’s “brains” enabling customers to build a real-life model of their supply chain. It analyses thousands of data feeds and provides predictive analytics for what-if scenarios to improve decision-making. The application senses activity through a company’s supply chain and notifies of any problems.

UST Optum is another of the company’s innovative applications using InterSystems advanced data capabilities. It provides supply-chain-optimisation-as-a-service, using InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator, helping it overcome the problems of complexity and multi-echelon inventory optimisation using standard algorithms that have been around for many years. With InterSystems and its smart data fabric approach, UST achieves the critical speed of implementation that customers want. After using the application customers have been able to reduce inventory by 10% and improve customer service by 15%. Customers achieve better on-time delivery and quality.


M-Tech is an InterSystems partner using InterSystems technology to power its AMO software, which is a comprehensive suite covering sales, CRM, stock control, warehousing and accounts– from eCommerce to end-to-end operations.

The performance, speed, adaptability and scalability of InterSystems technology enables M-Tech to support its customers to excel at meeting peaks in demand. AMO customers can analyse patterns in data so they can achieve the most effective supply chain outcomes. Customers gain real-time, actionable insights to forecast demand and stock inventory, and ensure customers received a positive experience.

InterSystems approach to partnerships matches M-Tech’s own approach to lifelong support for AMO customers. AMO is continually evolving to meet new customer requirements and changing markets. As a cloud-first platform, InterSystems technology makes it easier for partners like M-Tech to build high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos. Using its smart data fabric approach, partners can bring masses of data together for analysis, with full interoperability across applications. This delivers excellence and major improvements in performance, customer satisfaction and profitability for InterSystems partners.

By working hard with partners and helping them adapt our high-performance data capabilities in InterSystems technology, consistently demonstrates the strength of long-term partnerships. Companies that work with InterSystems know they have a creative technology partner who is committed to making the relationship deliver high value over many years. Download your free copy of the Bloor InPerspective Brief to learn more about the importance of leveraging data management partnerships for enhanced supply chain solutions with InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator.

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