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InterSystems Data Management: Solutions to Secure Student Data Management in Higher Education


The modern digital era has brought an enormous wave of changes to the landscape of higher education, reshaping how universities and colleges handle and safeguard student data. Educational institutions are confronted with a two-pronged challenge: managing a rapidly growing volume of data while ensuring top-notch data security. As custodians of student data, these institutions must maintain GDPRcompliance whilst also bolstering data protection efforts. In this complex scenario, InterSystems data management solutions emerge as a beacon, offering robust tools designed with a focus on higher education data protection.

Unpacking the Cybersecurity Challenges in Universities

In a previous discussion, we delved into the cybersecurity risks that universities grapple with due to the vast volumes of personal data they process. The surge of digital technologies and platforms used in the education sector has resulted in an exponential increase in data volumes. With this increase, the need for secure data management has become paramount.

Non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can lead to severe consequences. These include substantial fines and devastating damage to the institution’s reputation. Recovering from security breaches is not an easy task. It may take weeks or even months to restore systems to their normal operations after an attack, which can significantly disrupt the learning process and erode student trust.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that institutions acknowledge the growing cybersecurity challenges. They should leverage technology and engage in proactive strategies to bolster their cybersecurity defenses. This not only involves investing in high-tech security measures but also in cultivating a culture of cybersecurity awareness among students and staff.

Data Protection Officer: Championing GDPR Implementation in Universities

One of the most effective strategies to enhance data security and GDPR compliance is to establish robust governance for personal data protection. This approach often begins with appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO). This role is essential in ensuring that the institution maintains compliance and effectively communicates a clear GDPR strategy across the entire institution. A well-implemented GDPR strategy must cover both staff and students to be effective.

In the pursuit of GDPR compliance, the DPO must ensure that all members of the community understand the importance of data protection and the risks involved in non-compliance. Despite students agreeing to cybersecurity policies and GDPR when enrolling, it is likely that some may inadvertently fail to comply. Hence, a DPO plays a pivotal role in reinforcing these policies. They communicate the risks and consequences of non-compliance and conduct regular training to keep all stakeholders updated on the latest cybersecurity threats and practices.

InterSystems: A Trusted Technology Partner in Education

Successful cybersecurity measures in educational institutions are not a solo effort but involve the cooperation of reliable technology partners. A technology partner should provide robust solutions that enhance the management and storage of student data securely. InterSystems, a renowned name in this sector, is such a partner.

InterSystems brings to the table its wealth of experience in delivering innovative data management solutions. It allows educational institutions to adopt secure data platforms that safely store and transmit student data and other resources. These platforms provide the essential link between data security and data utility, ensuring that institutions can manage their data without compromising on security.

Working with InterSystems offers institutions the chance to step up their data security measures, strengthening their overall cybersecurity landscape while ensuring data integrity.

InterSystems IRIS: Delivering Comprehensive Secure Data Management

InterSystems offers innovative products like InterSystems IRIS, an advanced data platform designed to enhance data security through a four-pronged approach: authentication, authorisation, auditing, and encryption.

Authentication capabilities in InterSystems IRIS verify the identity of all users, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to sensitive data. Authorisation functions verify user rights, ensuring that users can access only the resources that they require for their roles.

Auditing functions provide an added layer of security, guaranteeing that the institution maintains a record of all user activities, predefined system transactions, and application-specific events. The DPO can use these logs for oversight and compliance purposes. These auditing logs provide valuable insights that can guide efforts to improve data security measures and user behaviors.

Finally, the encryption capabilities of InterSystems IRIS provide the ultimate security safeguard. With encryption, all data is protected against unauthorised access, ensuring that even if data falls into the wrong hands, it cannot be deciphered.

Rising to the Data Management Challenges of Remote Learning with InterSystems

The advent of remote learning has further amplified the data management challenges of educational institutions. Remote learning platforms produce vast amounts of data that must be securely managed. Additional initiatives, such as track and trace programs, further contribute to the data load.

Institutions need reliable data management solutions like InterSystems IRIS to effectively handle the data generated by remote learning. Partnering with InterSystems for remote learning data management allows universities and colleges to reduce risks, strengthen their infrastructures, and protect their operations and students from escalating cyber threats.

With the aid of InterSystems' solutions, institutions can not only securely manage remote learning data but also draw valuable insights from this data. These insights can then be used to enhance the learning experience and improve student outcomes.

The Future of Higher Education Lies in Secure Data Management

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of higher education in the digital age calls for strategic planning, robust tools, and trustworthy partners. With its array of solutions tailored for educational institutions, InterSystems is at the forefront of addressing these needs. Their products provide comprehensive data management solutions that ensure the protection of valuable data, now and in the future.

The right data management partner can empower educational institutions to unlock the full potential of their data, enabling them to deliver a higher quality of education. By maintaining the highest standards of data security and complying with regulations like GDPR, institutions can also build and maintain trust among students, parents, and staff. In a data-driven world, secure data management is not just a necessity, but a cornerstone of successful higher education.

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